Lacey Von Erich’s TNA Nickname, Update on Scott Steiner Leaving TNA

Source: PWTorch Newsletter



– Scott Steiner is heavily rumored to be on his way out of TNA following this Sunday’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view. He is said to be on the bubble as a result of his friendship with Jeff Jarrett and because company president Dixie Carter has never been a big fan of his.

There were rumors a few weeks ago indicating he had given notice, but it appears management made the call in this case.

– Lacey Von Erich suffered a strained muscle in her right leg during a pre-show practice session last week and had the leg heavily wrapped.

As noted previously, the third generation wrestler has already rubbed many of her peers the wrong way. She has been described as “another Kerry Von Erich” from a mental standpoint, which means no common sense. Internally, she’s been nicknamed “Rhaka Blonde.” One person said she has no positive qualities for the industry other than her physical appearance as she fits in well with the presentation of “The Beautiful People.” Another person called her “harmless” as her antics have made for good fodder throughout the company.

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