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Lana apparently not comfortable with Bobby Lashley storyline

Lana left Rusev for Bobby Lashley as part of the storyline. They have been featured in segments for several weeks, where Rusev was beaten by Lashley.

On this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, Lana revealed she was pregnant. However, it was merely a bait in order to lure Rusev to the ring. He was then attacked by Lashley and laid out in the ring.

According to a report by Brad Shepard, Lana is apparently not comfortable with the current storyline. However, it is better than doing nothing. He also reported that the endgame of the storyline will see Rusev and Lana reunite.

We will get to know in due time what kind of ending the storyline goes if it has a proper conclusion at all.

  • The best ending for this story…. Bobby was using Lana to get with Rusev.

  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    I don’t think anyone is comfortable with the storyline. I get that anything is better than nothing, and it has given Rusev and Lashley some spotlight, but it’s pretty horrible overall (and not very kid-friendly).

    On that note, if done right, they could have a reunion similar to Macho Man and Elizabeth. I know nothing will ever be as good as that, but as long as people like Rusev and are pushing for him, which I think they are, then it could be a good payoff.

  • Rinn13

    These kinds of sexual storylines have been idiotic ever since they started doing them in the “Attitude Era”, dating all the way back to the disgusting Goldust/Marlena/Brian Pillman angle, which was quietly dropped after he died. Embarrassing for an at the time real-life married couple, and even more of a shameful way to end a man’s wrestling career. The last thing people remember of Pillman is that garbage story. Yet they have continued doing them and showing zero class.

    Not sure any will ever fully top having Randy Orton tell Rey Mysterio that Eddie was “in hell” RIGHT after he died.

  • Will Henderson

    i hope the endgame is Rusev impregnating Lana in real life forcing WWE to abort the rest of the angle. it’s clear that Paul Heyman and old senile 74 year old Vince McMahon wrote this angle together, Paul cause he loves cuckold storylines (see the Kanellises), and Vince cause he’s got a history of hating Rusev and Lana being together and had try to ruined their relationship once before only for it backfiring big time with Rusev and Lana getting engaged in real life midway thought that love square angle with Dolph Ziggler and Summer Rae involved in 2015.