Lana reveals how she is training for Money In The Bank

A lot of fans were surprised when Lana won a match on this week’s episode of SmackDown Live and qualified for the upcoming Money In The Bank match.



The reason behind it was the fact that while she has wrestled some matches in the past, Lana can hardly be considered a professional ready to start a career in wrestling.

So including her in a demanding bout like Money In The Bank ladder match made many wonder if the SmackDown Star will be able to keep up with the other women in the bout.

While how she will do at the PPV will be revealed next month, now we at least know that the former NXT Star is taking her upcoming match seriously and training hard.

Lana recently posted a video on her Instagram story in which she revealed how she is training for the upcoming Ladder match. The video was later posted by a fan on Twitter and it can be seen below:

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