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Lana, Sasha Banks and Summer Rae go to war online

WWE Superstars Lana and Sasha Banks had a few back-and-forth exchanges on social media, over the former’s ‘like’ for 2-time Divas champion and 3-time Women’s champ Melina Perez’s comments online. The tussle led to yet another female performer, Summer Rae, getting involved in support of Banks.

Lana (Catherine Joy Perry) has served as a valet for her husband Rusev since 2013 and is yet to make her main-roster debut as a full-fledged in-ring competitor, so to speak. Meanwhile, Sasha Banks is a former 3-time RAW Women’s champion and one of the more experienced wrestlers on the WWE roster, who is widely heralded for her ring-craft.

The apparent tussle between the two started after Lana apparently liked a Tweet sent out by Melina- something you can read below-

Melina was apparently the recipient of criticism from fans of ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks, for her tweets about the latter’s loss to Alicia Fox. Meanwhile, Lana, caught the attention of the aforementioned Boss, who sent out tweet addressing the criticism-

Lana perceived that as a slight toward her and responded-

Not one to shy away from controversy, Banks fired back with a hashtag that fans opine implies ‘Block Lana 2017’- something that was re-tweeted by WWE Superstar Summer Rae, who was previously involved in an on-screen rivalry with the Ravishing Russian in a fight for the love of Rusev, and also inserted herself into the Lana vs Banks twitter beef siding with the latter-

Lana will reportedly make her SmackDown Live debut very soon, not as Rusev’s valet, but as a competitor in the blue brand’s Women’s division. Meanhwhile, Banks finds herself involved in a feud with Alicia Fox, who handed her an upset loss, a few days back.

I think it’s safe to say that Lana and Banks won’t be exchanging friendship bracelets anytime soon and understandably so. This beef has seemingly popped out of nowhere, and what truly baffles me is why Banks and Rae have gotten themselves on the Anti-Lana brigade, if I may; even though the Ravishing Russian’s posts had nothing disrespectful directed toward either of them. She just liked Melina’s Tweet for goodness sake and the world is thrown into a tizzy. Well, that’s the power of social media, folks!

  • Kylie

    I’m assuming it was a slow news day.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I don’t understand inderstand “Twitter” beefs. What was said in no way makes it seem like they’re fighting lol.