Lana Says WWE Star ‘Happy’ With Firing

The former WWE star Lana(now known as CJ Perry outside of the company) recently opened up on her WWE release and shared her thoughts with her fans on social media. She took to Instagram Live and addressed the release.



Lana reveals how Miro had reacted to his release

During the video Lana promised to ‘spill the tea’ on WWE in an upcoming series of YouTube videos. She also went on to speak about her real life husband AEW star Miro, who was also released in the past. Drew McIntyre ‘Ruined’ WWE Career Backstage?

The Ravishing Russian seemed to have dealt with a tough time as she cried after her release but it was unlike how Miro had reacted. She said that the current AEW TNT Champion was so excited that he did cartwheels.

She said:

“You guys have helped me through some parts that I definitely have cried, but it’s normal, it’s normal. You know, some people don’t. My husband Miro was doing cartwheels when he got released, out of excitement. We all have different reactions, and it’s okay not to be okay.”


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Miro and Lana had a great stint together in WWE and the former is having a fine run as the AEW TNT Champion. We will see if Lana ends up signing with AEW and who knows we might see them together on screen soon.

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