Lana Takes Off Towel With AEW Star In Video

Former WWE star Lana (now CJ Perry) recently took to her Instagram account and posted a typical transition video clip with husband and AEW star Miro (Rusev in WWE). They were seen wearing a towel and as soon as Miro gestured a punch to the camera they changed into their Halloween costumes.



Lana talks about possibly joining AEW

Lana has been away from pro wrestling since she was released by WWE in June last year but there is a possibility that she might make her return to the company. However, she is also open to making debut at AEW where her husband and former WWE star, Miro(Rusev in WWE) works.

While speaking on Busted Open Radio, Lana was asked whether she wants to return to WWE or sign with AEW. Lana made it clear that she would rather join AEW than return to WWE.

“I feel I would love to [go to] AEW because the hardcore fans watch AEW. It’s not all the commercial fans that’s the casual fan, and, of course, to be with my husband. There’s so many people over there that I love and miss; if it’s Renee, Paige, Goldust.”

“To experience a different promotion, for sure [would be interesting], but WWE, I mean, I love the storytelling when it comes to the soap opera part, which, I feel AEW really focuses more on the wrestling, and the matches, and the sports part of it all while WWE focuses on the sports part, on the wrestling, and then also the soap opera stories that entertain that.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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