Lance Storm Sets the Record Straight on Reports of Working with WWE Again

– Lance Storm published a new blog on his website to set the record straight on rumors of him working with WWE on a developmental territory. Here is what he wrote:



“It’s come to my attention that there are some erroneous online reports out there that I am currently in negotiations with WWE to open up a Developmental territory in Calgary. This is absolutely not the case so I want to set the record straight. I don’t know specifically where these reports are coming from but I’ve had one of my current students as well as a fan or two on facebook ask me about what they read on line. So let me be clear here there are no current plans for me to open or run a WWE developmental system in Calgary or anywhere else for that matter.

I don’t know whether these false reports were made on purpose to drive web traffic or whether the person reporting them just didn’t pay much attention to the recent interview I did with Arda Ocal (for Aftermath on the Score), where I spoke about my relationship with WWE and the possibility of a developmental system. In the interview we were talking about WWE’s recent visit to Alberta and the fact that I attended both RAW and SmackDown. Arda asked if I talked with anyone about a developmental system, as he always does when I attend a WWE event, because he feels WWE should have a developmental system in Canada and having me run it and do the training seemed like a no brainer. In response to this I told Arda that I’ve been talking with WWE about this possibility off and on for years, dating back to when I was teaching the WWE developmental system in OVW, but we’ve never gotten as far as any serious negotiations.

I further explained that WWE and I have a great relationship; they like my training and would like me to be a part of their developmental program in some way, and I always enjoyed working for WWE and would love to be a part of their developmental program again in some capacity. The reason we’ve never made any serious progress is my reluctance to move to Florida, to be a part of their existing program, and WWE not as yet at least wanting to pull the trigger on opening a full system outside of the US. The lines of communication are always open, so if and when we ever manage to come up with a scenario somewhere in the middle that works for both of us, we will do business again, but that is as far as it’s ever gotten. There are no current plans in motion. If and when this ever does happen, you will read about it on or anything you read elsewhere is just speculation and rumour, and should not be taken seriously. “

Regarding the interview with Arda Ocal, the following quote was published last week from Storm’s interview:

“I’ve had all kinds of different levels of talks for quite a while. We’ve just never managed to figure out how to make it work. There’s always been on going conversation. I think they hope I cave in and move to Florida. I think it makes sense to have a developmental territory in Canada. Before Deep South I talked to Vince about it. I’d like to be involved with that level again with WWE.”

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