Lara Trump Brutally Humiliated By Tom Petty’s Daughter

Lara Trump has once again ignited online discussions and controversy with her recent acoustic rendition of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down.” The 41-year-old, wife of Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump, previously released a cover of the 1989 hit in September. This choice garnered attention due to the cease-and-desist letter sent by Petty’s family to the former president after he used the track at a 2020 campaign rally.



After the initial release, Lara Trump alleged that Apple Music was shadow-banning her cover, making it challenging to find. Now, she has turned her attention to Spotify, claiming that the platform has not approved her new acoustic version of the song. Taking to social media, she stated, “Suppression of my newest acoustic single, I Won’t Back Down, has already begun. Spotify hasn’t yet ‘approved’ it (for reasons they cannot explain) but, you can find it everywhere else!!”

Newsweek reached out to Lara Trump, Tom Petty’s estate, and Spotify for comments on the matter. By Sunday, Lara Trump shared a video clip of her performing the track, announcing that it was “(Finally) available everywhere!!!” Newsweek independently verified that the song was indeed available on Spotify by Monday.

The clip has garnered 2 million views, but Lara Trump’s decision to release a second cover of the song has divided opinions online. Criticism ranged from describing it as cringe-worthy to comparing her voice to a “5th grader singing in a school play.” Some questioned why she chose to cover the song, while others expressed support, with one user calling Lara Trump “an American gem.”

Tom Petty’s daughter, Annakim, has expressed her sentiments regarding Lara Trump’s cover of “I Won’t Back Down.” In a candid statement, Annakim begins by saying she feels the need to address the ongoing situation, describing it as beating a dead horse. She emphatically states that no one associated with Tom Petty’s official channels has attempted to halt the use of the song.

Annakim then goes on to express her personal stance on the matter, revealing that she has contacted their team to inquire about the possibility of donating any royalties generated from Lara Trump’s cover to causes supporting transgender youth or groups targeted by the Trumps. She asserts that Lara Trump’s claim of Spotify preventing her cover is untrue and bluntly labels the rendition as “horse crap.”

The statement takes a humorous turn as Annakim shares her waking experience to what she describes as “psycho Trump Tom Petty fans,” a situation she deems undesirable. Annakim emphasizes the essence of the song, portraying it as a message about overcoming individuals like the Trump family.

To beat a dead horse ……. No one I mean… NO ONE @tompettyofficial has tried to stop this song I have emailed our team asking if any royalties from this can be donated to transgender youth or any group targeted by the trumps She claims Spotify is stopping her cover …. The truth remains the cover is horse crap I will update wtf the happens with this song Also waking up to pycho trump Tom petty fans is something I would not wish on my worst enemy This song is about over coming assholes like the trump family I will continue to track this turkey into the ground I won’t back down Trash

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