Lara Trump Goes ‘Way Too Far’ In Scorching Photo

The Instagram reel shared by Lara Trump from the New Year’s Eve celebration at Mar-a-Lago has sparked a wave of comments expressing discomfort and criticism regarding the appropriateness of her attire. Lara Trump, the wife of former President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, and a former frequent guest on Fox News, chose to post an edited video featuring the tunes of French Montana, Lil Pump, and Diplo. The video showcased her walking to and from the party in a gown that many commenters deemed remarkably revealing.



While acknowledging that Lara Trump looks great, a significant portion of the comments on the post conveyed a sentiment that the video and her choice of a super high-cut gown were inappropriate. Instagram user “JoaniePonyBalony” succinctly captured the sentiment, stating, “She can. But she should not.” Another user, “Derjam1288,” expressed concern, saying, “Yikes. I’m proud of my wife but this is a poor decision. Way too far.” Meanwhile, “taylormoll” expressed affection for Lara Trump but conceded, “This dress is trashy.”

The comments collectively reflect a widespread opinion that Lara Trump’s choice of attire and the video’s content were deemed too revealing and not in keeping with a sense of classiness. The criticism appears to center on the perception that the attire may not align with the expectations or preferences of a significant portion of the audience on her Instagram platform.


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