Lara Trump Is Building An ‘Army’ To…

It has been noted that the Republican National Committee co-chair Lara Trump on Friday from behind a podium in a Detroit suburb said that she and the RNC are working to raise a veritable army of “over 100,000 poll watchers and over 500 lawyers” to “deploy” at election sites across the country in November via NY Post.



These volunteers will have three missions: Watch people vote, watch people count votes, and sue anybody who gets in the way.

“I believe if we have a free, fair and transparent election that there’s no question we’ll all be going to bed early on November 5,” she said.

“And we’ll go to bed knowing Donald Trump is our next president.”

It has been noted that Lara Trump’s vision is to have people “in the room” whenever votes are being counted or cast.

After her remarks — which were full of militaristic language such as “deploy” and “battleground” — the assembled volunteers (around 75 in total) began “training” as potential poll watchers.

The press was not allowed to view the training, The Post’s request to view training materials was declined.

“Our people will be taught to be respectful and non-threateninng, but to also follow the law,” said RNC co-chair Michael Whatley.

“Our biggest goals this year with the Trump campaign are to get out the vote and protect the ballot.”

The crowd seemed to appreciate the sentiments.

“I’m convinced that the election was stolen in 2020 . . . and I genuinely think if Joe Biden wins this one we will be heading towards World War Three,” one attendee told The Post.

“This isn’t just about protecting our votes, it’s about protecting our families.”

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