Lara Trump Is Shredded In Beach Swimsuit Photo

Lara Trump recently took to her Twitter account and posted a picture at the beach with his family. Her caption read:



“Thanksgiving Florida style ”

Recently, Lara Trump’s video of Donald Trump with her daughter has started another internet debate. On Nov 15, the The Right View with Lara Trump host shared a clip of her father-in-law and her daughter to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter. She shared the video with the caption reading, “When top priority is showing Grandpa your desk at school #GrandparentsDay.”

It has been noted that in the short video, the former US President holding his granddaughter Carolina’s hand as she guides him to her desk. He leans down, kisses her on the head, and she continues to show off her classroom.

As you can imagine, people started a debate in the comment section, with many praising Donald for seeing his grandchild. X users posted things like “Trump showing up for the people who matter the most, no matter how small. Class act. ” And another X user added, “This is just an amazing and touching moment. I bet she felt like the biggest person in the world to have Grandpa there.”

However, quite a few thought this video was insincere, and even alleged that it looked staged. One X user said: “Are we supposed to think this is a regular routine from the man who dismissed the idea of taking his own kids for walks as the wife’s responsibility? I don’t even see any warmth here,” which refers to how his first wife Ivana claimed he never changed a diaper and was an uninvolved parent. (And many people in this X user’s replies alleged the photo op angle).

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