Lars Sullivan makes long-awaited debut on Monday Night Raw

Kurt Angle looked to leave the WWE Universe with one final happy image before riding off into the sunset on Monday Night Raw. After Baron Corbin bragged about his victory over the Olympic Gold Medalist, Angle came down to confront him one more time.



Angle told Corbin that he was the better man and offered his hand in a show of respect. Corbin shook his hand but was pulled in for an Angle Slam, followed by an Ankle Lock, where he quickly tapped out. The celebration didn’t last long for Angle, however.

Lars Sullivan, who originally was set to join the main roster back in December, was nowhere to be seen on Raw or SmackDown following weeks of vignettes and hype. Finally, Sullivan appeared tonight, taking down Angle with the Freak Accident followed by a diving headbutt.

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