Latest on Mysterio’s Injury, Truth-Morrison Match Changed, Vince High on Del Rio

– Before the John Morrison vs. R-Truth match on Monday’s RAW, they were told to re-do the layout of the match and cut three minutes off of what was originally planned. R-Truth wasn’t happy about the change.



– Vince McMahon is very high on Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez. It’s said when Del Rio and Rodriguez are out doing their thing, Vince stands backstage and watches with a smile on his face.

– Rey Mysterio blew out his knee in the match against Alberto Del Rio on Monday’s RAW during a baseball slide. Rey couldn’t walk at all backstage after the match. He had an MRI done last week and noted he had another one yesterday on Twitter, which apparently wasn’t part of the storyline after all. The word on Monday was that Rey wasn’t going to have surgery on his knee but after the blow out at RAW, he might end up having surgery instead of going through more rehab.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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