Latest News on WWE’s Plans for Big Show and Shaq, Three-Hour RAW News

– The Wrestling Observer reports that WWE is looking at building a three-hour edition of RAW in September around a match between The Big Show and Shaquille O’Neal.



Many, however, are quick to shoot down the report as unlikely. Given that O’Neal begins his NBA season this fall, the window on using him for a match–if he would ever be allowed to work one–is quickly closing (with preseason on the near horizon, even the rumored September date for the match is questionable). Moreover, with the low pay-per-view buyrates coming across as a real concern for WWE’s business model, the feeling is that WWE would not be wise to give the match away on free television.

In any event, most do not believe the O’Neal-Big Show feud is over. PWInsider reported late last week that WWE was looking at bringing Shaq back to RAW due to the positive feedback–and ratings numbers–it earned for his appearance. The constant hype for the Big Show-Shaq feud on last Monday’s RAW certainly did not cease speculation that the two will have another encounter.

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