Latest on John Cena’s Next Movie, Former WWE Stars Rip Linda McMahon

– The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that several Hollywood names have joined the cast of WWE Films’ next project, Brothers Keeper, starring John Cena. THR writes:



“Patricia Clarkson, Devon Graye, Madeleine Martin, Danny Glover and wrestling champ John Cena have been cast in “Brother’s Keeper,” a PG-rated family drama from WWE Films. Mel Damski (“Mischief”) will direct a screenplay by John Posey about a teenage boy (Graye) who tries to reunite his mother (Clarkson) and estranged older brother (Cena) 10 years after the death of their father, a state college wrestling legend. A brilliant student with no apparent athletic talents, the teenager decides to join the high school wrestling team as a way to pull the family together.

– has an article up that paints former WWE CEO and United States Senate hopeful Linda McMahon in a very negative light. The article includes quotes from several former WWE employees, who say it would be downright wrong for McMahon to reach such a high position of power in the United States government. Here are some quotes:

Joanie “Chyna” Lauer: “If there is a race to Capitol Hill, I hope she gets knocked off before she even starts.”

Bruno Sammartino: “I would not vote for her because I know what she contributed to the wrestling world with her husband. The vulgarity, the nudity, the profanity, all that kind of crap — it bothers me.”

Larry Zbyszko: “If the people in Connecticut are stupid enough to elect Linda, that’s their problem.”

Superstar Billy Graham: “This campaign is the height of hypocrisy. I believe the voters and citizens in Connecticut deserve to be told the truth. In no way does she have a rightful place in the U.S. Senate. The fact that we were out there experiencing trauma and drawing in untold millions for the company [means] we should have at least had some sort of health insurance.”

The Blue Meanie: “We’re the guys out there sacrificing ourselves. You’d think they’d throw us a bone. Sometimes you wondered if they saw their employees as humans or farm animals It was like being in the circus. You’re shipped here, perform there; it’s almost like you’re disposable.””

WWE’s lack of health insurance is at the heart of the wrestlers’ grievances. They allege that McMahon and her husband, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, ran a billion-dollar company that provided no health insurance for the wrestlers who put their bodies on the line to help turn the WWE into the global phenomenon it is today.

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