Latest on Rey Mysterio’s negotiations with WWE

While the report of Rey Mysterio signing a two year deal with WWE turned out to be false, the fact that the Master of 619 has been talking to the company is still true.



Mysterio has been discussing a part-time deal with the company since his appearance at Royal Rumble and last we heard, his contract was expected to be three years long.

The latest update on the situation comes from Wrestling Observer Newsletter which reveals that the talks are still going on and it has reached a point where they are discussing Mysterio’s other commitments:

“While Rey Mysterio has not signed with WWE, the discussions are close enough that they’ve talked about what commitments he has and doesn’t have left, All-In is obviously a key thing.”

As we noted before, WWE is trying to sign wrestlers who are slated to work ALL In and it’d be interesting to see if they are able to pull Mysterio from the show.

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