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Latest updates on Ric Flair’s medical situation, Charlotte Flair thanks fans

Ric Flair

When reports broke saying Ric Flair was hospitalized due to an unknown illness a lot of people started thinking the worst had happened. This belief was magnified by reports saying he had a heart-related problem.

When Flair was put into a medically induced coma and prepped for surgery it got the rumor mill going even stronger. But Ric Flair pulled through his surgery and is now recovering. While he’s still not out of the woods yet in regards to being medically cleared, he’s hopefully on his way.

Dave Meltzer recently spoke about Ric’s current condition on Wrestling Observer Radio where he said, “[Ric Flair] was in a lot of pain and he was taken in on Saturday morning to the hospital,” Dave Meltzer explained. “He was put in a medically induced coma, his situation was real bad and he had colon surgery this morning and he got through the surgery. He’s not out of the water yet — I believe he’s on kidney dialysis now.”

“It’s a tough situation during the day it was not looking good — it wasn’t looking good at all. That’s probably where you heard the story of you know, the tweets from Michael Hayes and everything. It was a pretty bad situation and he’s still not out of the water but the fact that he’s still alive now is a good sign. But this was definitely a bad day and hopefully, tomorrow’s a better day.”

So for all of the people out there who were worried about Ric Flair’s heart you can apparently rest easy because he was experiencing colon issues. Of course, it is still a serious situation and he’s still pulling through it. But hopefully he’ll be back to Stylin’ and Profilin’ in no time.

His daughter Charlotte Flair flew into Atlanta to be with her family. The Nature Girl isn’t booked for SummerSlam although she was expected to be at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III’s preshow which will feature many main roster Superstars who came from NXT. Meltzer said he wouldn’t be surprised if she missed SummerSlam weekend, but a lot can happen in-between now and Saturday.

Charlotte Flair sent out the following message thanking the fans for all of the support they’ve given her family in the past few days.

Credit for the quotes in this article goes to Wrestling Observer Radio and Still Real To Us for the transcription