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Latest Word on Sin Cara’s WWE Status, Update on Jackie Gayda-Haas, More

– WWE will be returning to Chicago on December 26th for RAW at the All-State Arena.

– Lita will be appearing at AWE’s Awesome Night of the Legends on October 15th in Fisherville, Virginia. Also in action will be Kevin Nash, Diamond Dallas Page, Finlay, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Terry Funk, Sunny and others.

– Charlie Haas noted on Twitter that his wife, former WWE Diva Jackie Gayda-Haas, placed 3rd out of 37 competitors in the Branch Warren Classic fitness/bodybuilding competition. Jackie has qualified for the nationals.

– Word going around yesterday and at last night’s RAW was that WWE will not be bringing Sin Cara back after he failed a Wellness test. As noted before, it’s believed that Cara actually failed the test in mid-June but was just suspended yesterday. There is a lot of heat on Cara for the suspension because he’s been promoted as Triple H’s first major international hire.

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  • Treg

    They’re going to let him go after just ONE violation?! After pushing him so hard?! How many chances did Jeff Hardy get?

  • Starship Pain

    Just give him the same thing as Alberto Del Rio: Spend some time in FCW, learning the WWE style… and then put him in the main roster…

    Anyway, I don;t like him, he’s “Mexico very own John Cena” and here in México are better luchadores than him. Take Volador, Jr. for example…

  • Will Henderson

    it’s official Sin Cara just got Ultimo Dragon’ed. all it took was something that would kill there pride. unlike Dragon, Sin Cara failed a drug test instead of tripping on the stage while making his way to the ring on the biggest show of the year.

    i think the WWE should give up trying to push Sin Cara if he’s that bad for the WWE style. just release him, let him come up with a new character in Mexico unless he returns to CMLL. and get an US born and raise wrestler who is Latin and can work the lucha and WWE style and combine them quickly.

  • Damien Phoenix

    Just let him come back, the fans love him and he does well for himself it’s there fault for rushing him in the first place, if they were afraid of this than should of sent him to FCW for a while than. Also get rid of the lights everytime he has a match

  • RAMSES 2

    come he need to go to fcw first like del rio!! to much stress for the guy!! give him a year he will be a top preformer:

  • Bill

    Sin Cara needs to cut a promo or at least have some sort of character. Remember ’97 Sting? No words for a year, yet he was the most entertaining guy in WCW at the time. If Cara can’t cut promos, he needs to have a character that could captivate without the use of words. Plus, it’s going to be very hard for a guy like Sin Cara to adapt to WWE since almost no one on the roster can actually wrestle with him cause of his acrobatic move set. I mean, imagine Triple H trying to selll that diving moonsault side slam…

  • CenaSucks

    what a joke if they let him go, he is over, and the fans love him

  • al

    sin cara doesnt understand english, and probably didnt understand the wellness policy, haha. hate to see him go tho

  • sam

    well im not surprised he’s having trouble with american wrestling
    you cant just expect him to forget everything he learned in mexico and switch to american overnight, it does take time
    i hope this is all a load of crap and he will be brought back after his suspension

  • Damkat

    Difference is Sin Cara is not over like they wanted him to be, and he still has issues converting to american wrestling.

  • kannon

    Just because HHH hired him he has to go? He is not the 1st to test positive for steroids and won’t be the last. Guess they should have fired Mysterio and Orton too.