Lawyer ‘Collapses And Chokes’ At Trump Trial

Donald Trump posted on Truth Social, “The Radical Left Judge who should not be handling the FAKE & FULLY DISCREDITED CASE brought against me by the New York State A.G. (It should be handled by the Commercial Division, but should never have been brought!), fined me $10,000 yesterday under his so-called gag order.



He is a judge that found me GUILTY before the trial even started, and long before he had the real facts, like Michael Cohen collapsing and choking yesterday under cross examination, and completely admitting that I did nothing wrong. He committed MASSIVE PERJURY, at a level seldom seen on the stand before. It was like watching the end of the best Petty Mason episode, where the defendant breaks down and cries, “Yes, I did it, I did it, I did it.” This case should be ended, NOW, but this Judge and his “boss,” Letitia Peekaboo James, will never let that happen. He even refuses to accept our big win in the Appeals Court. It is a disgrace to the legal system in the State of New York. This is a RIGGED CASE!”

Donald Trump has seen a lot of situations during his fraud trial in New York. The fraud trial brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James has been opposed by the former president. Trump has even gone to the extent of talking bad about Judge Arthur Engoron and his staff.

Arthur had imposed a gag order that prohibits Trump from talking bad about his prosecutors, the court staff, or the case’s witnesses in any way. This means that Trump cannot speak ill about the Judge’s staff. Despite being under the impact of the order, Trump has gone ahead and done two mistakes.

The first one was done when Trump posted on Truth Social with the details of Engoron’s law clerk. He deleted the post instantly but his campaign website had the details available for a longer duration. This led to him getting fined $5,000 last week.

The second one happened this Wednesday when during the break in trial Trump spoke to reporters and complained. He said, “This judge is a very partisan judge, with a person who’s very partisan sitting alongside of him, perhaps even much more partisan than he is.”

According to Mediaite, Judge Arthur Engoron asked Trump to get in the witness stand and explain what he meant by those comments. Trump couldn’t explain it and this led to Arthur penalizing the former president with a fine of $10,000. This was Trump’s second incident, so Engoron also warned Trump of severe actions if he didn’t abide by the gag order.


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