Letitia James Reveals Big Names Betrayed Trump To Get…

Attorney General Letitia James recently posted a video clip where she launched an attack on former President Donald Trump. She broke down the ways in which she believes former President Donald Trump’s expert witnesses actually helped her case against him via Mediaite.



It has been noted that Trump was in court once again this week for the trial in the fraud being presided over by Judge Arthur Engoron, where reporters peppered him with questions.

He went on to evade the questions and launched into a litany of well-worn and false or misleading attacks on the proceeding against him. He further ravedat length about the testimony of his expert witness, Professor Eli Bartov.

On Friday evening, AG James gave her version of events — which differed significantly from Trump’s, and included the fact that Bartov was paid almost a million dollars — half of which was paid by Trump’s political PAC:

“Today, we concluded the 10th week of our trial against Donald Trump, the Trump Organization, and other defendants. Over the past few days, we continue to hear testimony from the defendant’s many expert witnesses.

And one of these experts admitted that the valuations of some of the properties on Donald Trump’s statement of financial condition were neither proper nor reasonable.

Another one of their experts is a member of Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s private club that he continues to claim is solely a residence.

In fact, this witness testified that he was at Mar a Lago when he ran into Donald Trump, who asked him for help with an issue in New York. That issue was our lawsuit.

We also heard from an accounting professor whose fees are paid by Save America, Donald Trump’s political action committee. He testified that the value of Donald Trump’s triplex was inflated. On that, we can agree.

But he also had a lot to say about Donald Trump’s statements of financial condition, even though he is not prepared. A financial statement since the 1980s.

Donald Trump can continue to try to distract from reality. He can continue to call me names, but as the judge said today, the standard is truth and the truth is on our side.”

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