Lilian Garcia Interview: Potential WWE Return, The Rock’s Return, More

– Former WWE Diva Lilian Garcia, who is currently working on her second album, recently spoke with The Miami Herald. Here are some highlights:



Interacting with fans these days:
“I thought they would miss me a little bit, but not this much. It has been very humbling and nice. Every day I get a message or a tweet from someone saying, ‘It’s not the same without you.’ It’s just so nice. I didn’t realize the impact I had made. Justin Roberts has been doing a great job. I wish each of the announcers a lot of luck. It was a tremendous journey for me and an amazing opportunity. I loved it.”

A potential WWE return:
“I say, ‘Never say never,’. Look at The Rock now. It is something that I’m definitely tied to. Once you are in the WWE for a length of time, it’s a family base. You are tied in, no matter if you leave and take a break. Sometimes you come back; so you never know.”

The Rock’s WWE return:
“I really didn’t think he would come back. I really thought with his movie career and all. I don’t blame him, though. It had been seven years. When he was making movies, he didn’t have that experience being with the fans and feeling that electricity from the fans. He thrives on that. It was having that experience again. People were tweeting me telling me how much they missed the interviews with me and The Rock. It was just such great chemistry that he and I had with those interviews. As soon as I saw him on TV again, it brought back memories of those days. It was just really cool.”

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