Linda McMahon Running For Senate? Unsolved Storyline Mysteries, more

— Chris Jericho was very proud of his first day’s performance on the “MacGruber” set, Tweeting, “Nailed my scene in MacGruber and even did some improv in it with fellow Groundling Will Forte.” He added, “Lorne Michaels just told me I did a good job and damn does he ever sound like Dr Evil… He’s an intimidating presence though!”



Day two has not been so favorable, however, with the wrestler complaining about a scheduled 5AM wakeup for the shoot: “Been sitting in my trailer for 4 hours now and have done absolutely nothing. Why did I get up at 5am again?”

— The Washington Post’s “The Fix” political blog says WWE CEO Linda McMahon might throw her hat into the race for US Senate in 2010. McMahon would run as a Republican challenger to incumbent Connecticut senator Chris Dodd (D); she would face Rob Simmons, Tom Foley and Sam Caligiuri in the primary. The article notes that McMahon’s advantage would be her ability to “spend significant sums on the race.”

— has a feature on unsolved storyline mysteries, discussing arcs like the Imposter Kane, the contents of Undertaker’s urn and the infamous set collapse on Vince McMahon.

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