Linda McMahon WWE Return Appearance Leaks

Former WWE Executive, Linda McMahon made her first WWE related appearance in years during the recent Andre the Giant edition of the popular A&E WWE series – Most Wanted Treasures. McMahon served as WWE president and later CEO from 1980 to 2009. During the program, the matriarch of the McMahon family stated how Andre the Giant got a therapeutic treatment at their home in Stanford, Connecticut. This famous McMahon gave notice to Triple H at WWE NXT.



“At our house in Connecticut, we had built a swim machine, and Andre could come and get therapeutic treatment because he could stand in this swim machine.”

She later said about WrestleMania 3, “I was sitting in the Pontiac Silverdome, and I just had goosebumps everywhere. “The tension going into it was Hulk Hogan going to be able to pick up Andre and slam him?”

Linda McMahon left WWE in the late 2000s to focus on a career in politics. She would unsuccessfully run for Senate in Connecticut twice before being named a member of the Trump Administration’s Cabinet in the role of Administrator of the Small Business Administration. After stepping down from her position in 2019, she has since chaired a pro-Donald Trump SuperPAC entitled ‘America First Policies’.

The Andre The Giant edition of Most Wanted Treasures also included appearances from Stephanie McMahon and former WWE superstars Mark Henry and Paul Wright, formerly known as the Big Show.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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