Lindsey Graham Drops Coke Bombshell After Trump Accusation

Fox News dedicated a significant portion of its programming to discussing the Secret Service’s failure to identify a suspect in the White House cocaine scandal. Sen. Lindsey Graham was brought in to provide his perspective on the matter. The Secret Service recently announced that their investigation had concluded without any leads on the individual who brought the baggie of cocaine into the White House.



During the Fox News segment, host Sandra Smith questioned the lack of a named suspect, considering the White House’s status as one of the most secure buildings in America. Graham responded by expressing his lack of confidence in the situation, highlighting that someone managed to bring cocaine into the White House without being detected. He called for a thorough review of the procedures protecting the White House and insisted that someone should be held accountable for allowing this security breach to occur.

Meanwhile, NBC reported that the Secret Service investigation had failed to yield usable forensic or video evidence to identify the person responsible. Despite subjecting the baggie of cocaine to advanced testing and examination at two federal labs, no fingerprints or DNA were found. However, CNN’s Jeremy Diamond revealed that the leading theory behind the incident is that one of the visitors who entered the West Wing entrance during a holiday weekend left the baggie of cocaine. This theory, though not yet confirmed by the Secret Service as the official conclusion, remains the prevailing one.

The White House cocaine scandal has drawn significant attention, with media outlets closely following the investigation and speculating on how the illicit substance made its way into the highly secure premises. The lack of a named suspect and the inconclusive nature of the investigation have raised concerns about security protocols and accountability within the Secret Service. As the story continues to develop, further details may emerge regarding the incident and any potential disciplinary actions taken.

Why is this investigation already concluded, over the findings of cocaine at the White House, without a single suspect being named?” asked Sandra Smith. “I mean, isn’t that the most secure building in America?”

“Apparently not,” Graham responded. “So, here’s what the story is telling us: That somebody brought cocaine into the White House and the Secret Service has no idea who did it. That’s not confidence-inspiring. I appreciate the Secret Service; they’re brave men and women. But, can you imagine if this had happened on Trump’s watch? Somebody needs to look at the procedures protecting the White House from top to bottom. Somebody needs to be fired because somebody allowed cocaine to get into the White House, and once it was there, we can’t prove who did it, is unnerving. But somebody needs to be fired for letting it happen.

Now, the second source who is familiar with the investigation told me that the leading theory remains that it was one of these visitors who was entering that West Wing entrance where visitors come in to take these West Wing tours over that holiday weekend who is believed to have left this baggie of cocaine. That has not been confirmed. That is not the conclusive conclusion, the official conclusion of the Secret Service. But it does remain the leading theory, despite the fact that they were not able to identify a suspect…

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