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Lio Rush claims someone is releasing false information to get him released

Lio Rush has been in news lately due to reports of his backstage heat but if we believe the 205 Live Star then the talks coming out are not true and false information is being leaked by someone.

The Cruiserweight Star recently had an interview with Fightful Select and among other things he talked about, he made some interesting claims as well.

According to Rush, a lot of the leaked backstage talk is coming from someone who worked for ROH when he was there and “has hated me since the day I’ve worked for ROH and now that they work for WWE they’re leaking false information to get me released”.

Since he doesn’t reveal a name and we are not familiar with any previous incidents like this with him, it’s hard to form an opinion on the validity of these claims from the WWE Star.

As we noted before, Lio Rush has been vocal about wanting to be featured in the main event position and this and some other incidents have led to several backstage personalities being unhappy with him.

  • Soulshroude

    Awww… isn’t that cute? The hobbit is trying to defend himself from nothing but hot air from a buffalo. Paranoid, much?

  • oppa

    Everything that comes out to the sheets is leaked by someone in WWE. I wouldn’t put it past them to do something like that. It’s already confirmed they are going to put a spin on the whole Corey Graves Carmela relationship for Total Divas, so who know what else we will see and hear.

  • CC

    Sounds like someone is a little paranoid.
    If the stories that have been leaked are false, it really would not be that hard to verify them for anyone who works in WWE.
    Its not like these stories coming out are about skeletons in his closet that nobody could check on.