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Lio Rush reportedly told WWE to release him

Lio Rush most likely won’t be coming back to the main roster anytime soon. Perhaps Vince McMahon could help change his mind but it is very doubtful right now.

There are many reports about Lio Rush’s backstage heat in WWE and he also has tried to refute them openly. However, more reports suggest that things are not going well for him.

PW Insider reports that Lio Rush was actually offered a five-year contract reportedly worth $300,000. However, he turned it down while asking for twice the amount.

Rush’s claims are interesting, especially since WWE sources have claimed today that Rush was offered a new, five-year contract that was said to be in the $300 thousand range, but turned it down, instead, according to multiple sources, asking for double that number.

It was also noted that Lio Rush apparently told WWE to let him out of his WWE contract. He wants to show WWE what he is capable of outside of the company.

We are told that Rush has, at on at least one occasion, instead suggested the company release him so he can “show them” what he could accomplish outside of WWE.

We will provide updates regarding Lio Rush’s situation if there are any further developments.


    Let me clear something up for everyone who doesn’t seem to get it. 300k per year is the downside guarantee, what Rush would make at the minimum. He is probably currently making like 125k per year downside So that is double what he was already making. There is zero chance he makes a minimum of 300K per year on the indies. Coming off of WWE TV plus he is a great talent, he will probably make 200K at the MOST. If it is money he wants, stay in WWE, if it is happiness then he should leave. Impact and ROH only pay TOP guys that much money. He is not yet a TOP guy. Who knows how much AEW wrestlers are making because they lie about their salaries. I’m not saying they are getting PAID, but there is no way some of those no-name low level guys are making the amounts they are spouting out. If that is true, AEW is going to fail.

  • CC

    And? Where did I say it was. I said that was what he was offered correcting the guy who thought the $300,000 was for the whole five years. And I was also pointing out that there are many other talent more established than Rush who are on $300,000 also.

  • Stumpy

    “PW Insider reports that Lio Rush was actually offered a five-year contract reportedly worth $300,000.”

    He was offered 30k over 5 years, not 300k each year for 5 years. He would be making 60k/year unless Harrison misquoted the details of his contract.

  • oppa

    He busted his butt to on the indies to get to ROH, then had to bust his butt in a tournament to get to NXT, then had to work hard in NXT and on 205 Live just to still be treated as a rookie who should have sucked up to other people. I don’t blame him for making an offer the company won’t accept so he can leave and be happy. WWE is super screwed up right now. I wouldn’t want to be there either.

  • Jefferson

    $300,000 a year is not a lot of money when you have to pay for 100% of the lodging, food, and car rental while on the road with the WWE plus taxes will take a huge chunk of that and the WWE does not offer healthcare. No wrestler has ever become a millionaire in the long run making only $300,000 a year in the WWE.

    $300,000 a year is a lot more money if you are a doctor for example because you do not have the travel expenses that a WWE wrestler has and your health insurance is paid for by your employer.

  • CC

    No, he was offered a five year deal at $300,000 a year not spread out over the five years. He asked for $600,000 a year.

    The average WWE salary is just over $600,000 a year but talent at his level would not usually be offered anywhere near that. As an example, Rusev is on $600,000 as a more established star while guys like Strowman (since upgraded) and Bo Dallas were both on around $300,000 a year as of 2018.

  • Luke

    Five years at $60,000 a year? I’d have turned that down too. Insulting amount of money for a WWE talent.