Lita Accidentally Exposed Herself To WWE Fans

It happens. It happened to Rick Rude (a lot) during the eighties, which was kind of strange. In the 2000’s, wether intentional or not, it happened to the cheater – Lita. For some reason, she’s made it back into the headlines, and it’s for something that happened a long time ago.

According to Sportskeeda, While WWE Superstars usually take precautions not to suffer embarrassing ring gear malfunctions on television, sometimes accidents happen – or do they. Depends on how you look at it.

In her book, “Lita: A Less Traveled R.O.A.D.–The Reality of Amy Dumas,” WWE Hall of Famer Lita recalls the one time her breasts popped out of her top at a WWE event after she decided not to tape them into her bra earlier that same night (on purpose), thinking she would not be involved in the action – so she says. Luckily for her, the camera did not catch the unfortunate accident.

“I’ve only popped out of my top one time. The girls usually tape ourselves into our bras with double-sided tape. It’s actually wig tape for men who wear toupees, and as you’d expect, taking it off is pretty unpleasant. On the night I popped out, I had been told that I wasn’t going to be doing much on the show, so I decided not to tape in. It was no big deal—I heard several guys in the front row go, ‘Oh man, we just saw Lita’s boob!’ and pulled my top back up. I just considered myself lucky that the camera didn’t catch it!” she wrote.

Lita joined WWE in 1999 and spent about seven years there, during which she won the Women’s Championship four times. The now 47-year-old left the promotion and retired from in-ring competition in 2006 following her defeat against Mickie James at Survivor Series.

In 2014, nearly eight years after her retirement, Lita entered the WWE Hall of Fame.


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