Lita Lets It All Hang Out In Swimsuit Photo

Lita began her WWE career back in 2000 and was paired with the high-flying superstar Essa Rios. Eventually, she became a prominent name as a part of the faction ‘Team Xtreme’ alongside Matt and Jeff, The Hardy Boyz. Lita even managed to gain singles success, squaring off against the likes of Mickie James, Gail Kim, and her biggest rival, Trish Stratus.



Lita and Trish Stratus became two prominent female stars in the business when they main evented an episode of Monday Night RAW in 2004. They are true pioneers in women’s wrestling and that will never change.

Lita recently uploaded a stunning photo on Instagram while revealing a story during the time of healing her neck and her aspiration to learn to sew so as to experiment with her looks.

“WHAT ABOUT THIS LOOK?! When I was home healing from my broken neck, I had aspirations of learning how to sew so that I could really customize my looks beyond a pair of scissors. I remember the thread getting caught a bunch of times in a frustratingly short amount of time, and I didn’t factor in bending my head forward to run the sewing machine which proved very uncomfortable for my neck. The sewing machine quickly ended up in the thrift store pile but i did expand by using a riveter and made this Jane of the Jungle look for a Divas shoot in Mexico. Thoughts on my jungle look? #FashionFriday #LitaLookback.”

Below is the photo.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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