Lita Painful Beach Photo Revealed To WWE Fans

WWE Hall of Famer Lita recently made a heartbreaking post where she opened up about the demise of her pet, The Kenz. She mentioned the significant role the pet played in her life.



“Right now I have no words, just sadness. I always knew it couldn’t last forever so we made the most of our decades together every day. I’ve never known a love so deep or profound as ours. I am devastated and heartbroken but beyond thankful to have had our story together. My deepest love to you always @_thekenz_”

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Lita’s most recent appearance on WWE television saw her announce qualifying matches for the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Meanwhile, speaking on My Love Letter to Wrestling podcast, Rhea Ripley had praised the WWE Hall of Famer as she mentioned that she appreciates her podcasts and the person she is in real life.

Ripley added that it would be fun to get inside the squared circle with such a legendary personality.

“I wanna get the chance to wrestle Lita. I think that would be incredible. I think it’d be a lot of fun and she’s just someone that always puts me over on social media and all her podcasts and stuff and I really do appreciate it and I love what she does, I love who she is so I would love to step in the ring with her.”


Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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