Liv Morgan concussed; doesn’t blame Brie Bella, Riot Squad members upset

Liv Morgan received a nasty kick to the temple from Brie Bella on Monday Night Raw. It was clear that something was wrong after the incident, and the WWE has revealed that she did indeed suffer a concussion.



Liv Morgan made it to her corner, with the help of Brie, and tagged out of the match, but would eventually come back in for a spot before being rushed to the back after the finish of the match.

WWE’s official statement can be seen below.

Liv Morgan has a concussion and is going through the proper protocol under WWE’s comprehensive wellness program.

Brie Bella took to Twitter afterward to apologize to Morgan publicly. It seems that there’s no bad blood between the two, as Fightful revealed that Morgan doesn’t harbor any bad feelings towards Brie.

Morgan revealed that she was on “auto-pilot” after the incident, which is why she attempted the triple suplex spot during the match. Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan had to restrain her and ensure that she stayed out of the ring until the end of the match.

While Morgan seems to have accepted Brie Bella’s apology, Logan and Ruby are incredibly unhappy with the whole situation.

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