Liv Morgan Court Room Bombshell Revealed

WWE star Liv Morgan could face some legal ramifications after she was arrested for possession of marijuana. It has been noted that on Thursday, the WWE Women’s Champion was arrested for possession of marijuana. Morgan has been on the sidelines due to a shoulder injury and she has found herself in trouble.



She was arrested on December 14th in Sumter County, Florida, following a traffic stop. Morgan, who is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion was picked up for a marijuana possession charge, not exceeding 20 grams.

Morgan also faced charges for possession of drug equipment and potential possession of synthetic cannabinoids. It has come to light that a sheriff’s deputy spotted the yellow jeep she was driving while crossing over the delineation lines of a County Road. Per the arrest report, when approached by a Sumter County Deputy, Morgan’s vehicle emitted “the odor of marijuana.”

PWInsider has now reported that Liv Morgan is slated to be arraigned on charges of possession of marijuana (not more than 20 grams) and possession of drugs, possibly synthetic cannabinoids on Monday 2/12/14 at the Sumter County Courthouse in Florida at 9 AM. She will need to enter a plea of guilty or not guilty at that hearing.

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