Liv Morgan Gets WWE In Legal Trouble?

Francine, who made a name for herself as the “Queen of Extreme” during her time in Paul Heyman’s ECW, has filed a trademark application for the moniker. Francine claims that she has been using the name for almost three decades and doesn’t want Liv Morgan, who has been using the name recently, to trademark it and prevent her from using it in the future. Francine says she would consider taking legal action against WWE if they continue to let Liv Morgan use the name. She says she’s not trying to stay relevant, but she’s trying to protect her brand and what she’s worked hard for.



“I mean they’ve called her Queen of Extreme before Liv Morgan. We’ve talked about the Queen of Extreme Liv Morgan tried to use it too. And, you know, I [filed to] trademark that. I don’t know, it’s been maybe six months to close to a year now that I’m waiting for. Because it takes some time to go through. You can’t just do it and then tomorrow, you have it done.” “It’s a big process. It takes time. And I mean, I’ve been using it now — It’s over 25 years going on 30 years… I appreciate the love. Please don’t get me wrong, but so many people were just like, ‘Hey, did you hear Corey Graves said this.’ And I’m just like, Okay, first of all, I’m never mad, I wouldn’t be mad at Amy, or Lita. I wouldn’t be mad at her. You know, she’s not going around saying it, finding her niche. Well, maybe she is, I don’t know. Not that I know of. But my concern over this whole thing is, I don’t want them to try and trademark it and then tell me you can’t use it anymore. Because I’ve been using it for almost three decades. And that’s what like, some people don’t understand, like, one guy was like, ‘Oh, get over it, you’re not relevant anymore. You passed the torch.’ or whatever. And I was just like, that’s not the point. She doesn’t need the torch passed to her. She’s a star. She’s a star in herself. She doesn’t need me to help her. My thing is what people don’t understand is when you establish a character and a gimmick and a name, and you use that for years and years and years and years, you don’t pass that name on to somebody, you know, it’s not like I’m doing every indie show that I can working ringside, you know, at 51 years old, saying I can hang with the younger [talent]. No, that’s not what I’m trying to do. Like, I’m just trying to hold on to my legacy in this business. And that is the name that I have used. That is the name that people know me by. So why would I just give it away and let other people use it? And people don’t understand…It’s not that I don’t want to pass the torch or share knowledge…I know my time in the ring is over. Now, if I’m used for anything, I’m not trying to make that big comeback. I’ve said this a million times … You don’t see me in the ring every weekend. “That’s not my deal. That’s not what I’m trying to do. What I will fight for is that name, because I’ve worked hard, and I’ve used it for so many years. So I finally said, Okay, we’re going to do a trademark on it. And, you know, Stephen P. New was nice enough to put the trademark in for me. And now we are waiting to make it finalized. I didn’t get a lot of hate on it. I got a lot of positivity. But I just hope that people aren’t looking at me saying, ‘Oh my God, get over it, you’re so old or your time has passed.’ It’s not about me trying to stay relevant. It’s just about what I’ve worked hard for. And I feel like I’ve earned that name. And I’ve used it for so long, it would be weird if I can’t use it anymore. And for them to take it away from me because they can’t take my name. I said this before, like in my contract when I worked there, [Francine] was borrowed because it’s my birth name. So they can’t tell me not to use that name because I was born with it. Right? … But for them to turn around and say, well, you can’t be known as the Queen of extreme anymore. That would be horrible.” Francine then drew a big legal line in the sand as she threatened WWE with legal action if they continue to let Liv Morgan use that name. Apparently, she is quite serious about this gimmick infringement. “Whether I’m in this business another day or another 30 years from now, if I do conventions, I’m going to sign the Queen of Extreme Francine, and I’m going to get that trademark. And if they continue to use it, we’re going to file a cease and desist. And that’s it, because they would do it to me.” “It’s not me being bitter or, you know, trying to be a jerk about things. I’m trying to protect my brand and protect what I worked hard for. And you know, maybe I’m not doing a lot now, but that’s my decision. This is my choice. I’m not busy every week and that is by choice. I do get a lot of offers. I can be on the road every weekend, if I want it to be. I cannot because of my family. I physically can’t do it. You know, so the little bit that I do, I’m gonna protect it. So I’m not calling the girls out. I’m calling the company out. And I’m saying listen, that’s not your name to use, that’s my name.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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