Liv Morgan Looks Bad Before Raw In Photo

The former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan recently took to social media to share some pictures of herself showing off her bruises.



Liv Morgan reveals her injury

Ronda Rousey had managed to defeat Liv Morgan to win her second SmackDown Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules Premium Live Event. Morgan was locked in a submission as she eventually passed out and Rousey emerged victorious.Since then, Morgan has been showing her aggressive side and recently brutally assaulted Sonya Deville.

In a recent tweet captioned “Extreme,” Liv Morgan showed bruises on her left arm, possibly sustained during her match with Sonya this week on SmackDown.

Morgan was in a singles match with Deville after she attacked the former authority figure last week in a backstage segment. The two women battled hard but the match ended in a double count-out as they were busy brawling outside the ring. In the aftermath, Liv superplexed her opponent onto a pile of steel chairs.

This week on SmackDown LowDown, Megan Morant caught up with the 28-year-old superstar to get some light as to what has gotten into her. The star, however, seemed off and not her usual self. Liv just smiled and had one line for the WWE correspondent.

“Do you know what Megan? I’ve never felt more alive.”

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