Liv Morgan Posts Seductive Selfie Photo

Former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan recently took to her Instagram account and posted a mirror selfie picture. Her caption read:



“Gonna sleep for many days”

Meanwhile, a former WWE star and ECW original, Francine has threatened to file a cease and desist letter against Liv Morgan and Lita over their nickname. Both stars have been referred to as ‘The Queen of Extreme’ on WWE TV in recent months, but ECW Original Francine used the moniker long before either woman.

Francine had joined ECW in the mid-1990s and went on to manage many of the top stars of the company including Stevie Richards, The Pitbulls, and most notably four-time ECW World Heavyweight Champion Shane Douglas. She regularly became physically involved in bouts and even took part in official matches, earning herself the Queen of Extreme nickname.

On a recent edition of her Eyes Up Here podcast, the star said she was going to trademark the ‘Queen of Extreme’ name and file a cease and desist if WWE continued to use it.

“Whether I’m in this business another day or another 30 years from now, if I do conventions, I am going to sign ‘The Queen of Extreme Francine.’

“I’m gonna get that trademark and if they continue to use it, we’re going to file a cease and desist, and that’s it, because they would do it to me.”

She also made it clear that she isn’t making the move out of bitterness, saying she just wants to “protect her brand”.

“It’s not me being bitter or trying to be a jerk about things. I’m trying to protect my brand and protect what I worked hard for. Maybe I’m not doing a lot now, but that’s my decision. This is my choice. I’m not busy every week, and that is by choice.”

After ECW closed its doors in 2001, Francine briefly joined IMPACT Wrestling and later made appearances on the independent scene. When WWE revived the ECW brand in 2005, she appeared at their One Night Stand event and signed to work for the weekly show launched in 2006. However, she made few appearances before being released that October.

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