Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez Show Behinds In Photo

Raquel Rodriguez recently took to her Instagram account and posted pictures with her tag-team partner, Liv Morgan. They posed with the newly captured WWE Women’s Tag-Team titles. Her caption read:



“Let the Champ Chat begin 🏆🏆 @yaonlylivvonce #wwe #tagteamchampions #wecute #preciosas #campionas #chingonavibes

MUA @beautybyjett”

On the latest edition of Monday Night RAW, Rodriguez and Morgan defeated Becky Lynch and Trish Stratus to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. They were scheduled to challenge Lynch and Lita for the gold, but Stratus replaced Lita after she was attacked backstage. Following the title match, Stratus shocked the fans by turning on Lynch.

In a WWE Raw Exclusive, Cathy Kelley asked Rodriguez and Morgan commented on their victory. Rodriguez noted that it had been a long day, but it was all worth it, as they were going home with the gold.

“Cathy, it has been a long, long day, but I think it’s safe to say that we went out there, and we gave it everything we got. We came here to fight, we came here to win titles, and we are going home champions,” Rodriguez said.

Morgan emphasized that she was grateful, and she’s proud to be Rodriguez’s partner. She stated that being a champion means more to her than anything, so she was happy in the aftermath of the win. Morgan also admitted that she never thought she would pin Trish Stratus to win a title.

“There’s not many times that I’m left speechless, but literally I have nothing to say. I’m just grateful, I’m so grateful. I’m so happy and proud to be your partner. Thank you so much. I never thought that we’d ever pin Trish Stratus to become new champions. Being a champion in WWE means more to me than anything, anything else in the world, so I’m just so happy. I’m so grateful,” Morgan said.

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