Liv Morgan & Seth Rollins Bombshell Revealed

Liv Morgan and Seth Rollins have blacked out their social media profiles after their Extreme Rules losses, fueling speculation about their futures. Seth Rollins showed off his new gear at Extreme Rules. WWE Extreme Rules was a successful event. What caught people’s attention was Seth Rollins’ gear for his Fight Pit match against Matt Riddle at the event. Daniel Cormier called it down the middle.



Rollins was dressed in RVD gear, and instead of calling it Rob Van Dam, he called Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins at his entrance down the entrance ramp. It was a new experience for all in Philadelphia with the former Universal Champion ditching his Visionary dress code for the match.

Rollins went into the fight pit match with momentum and even climbed to the top of the steel structure. It looked like he was winning it. Matt Riddle called for the match and he was ready to do anything to go for the win. Rollins had taken a jibe at his personal life during the buildup to this story.

Riddle was so involved in taking out Rollins that he once even pushed Cormier away. Cormier didn’t take too kindly to it, but instead of opening punches, he just gave him a warning during the match. WWE even tweeted the Rollins persona and called it a proud moment.

.@TherealRVD would be proud. #ExtremeRules

Times have changed and Rob Van Dam is now a WWE Hall of Famer. He holds his place with the best that the business has to offer. RVD would be so proud to see his gear in a match at Extreme Rules where Rollins even did a frog splash to pay a tribute to the living legend.

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