Liv Morgan Unbelievable Haircut Photo Leaks

WWE star Liv Morgan has stunned the fans when she posted a picture on Twitter hinting at a new look amid her hiatus.



The star was attacked by Rhea Ripley and had her arm “broken” in a storyline so that she could be written off TV to address her real-life injury. In her absence, Raquel Rodriguez, her tag team partner, has continued feuding with Ripley.

Liv Morgan is changing her look

Liv Morgan recently took to Twitter to post about her change and uploaded a picture of her hair cut off on the floor. Fans were naturally stunned, and although she has been active on the platform since then, she did not elaborate on the picture.

The star is yet to post a picture of her actual new look, but her fans are clearly excited and waiting for the reveal.

With Liv Morgan out of action due to her injury, it remains to be seen when she returns to compete in WWE. This could be a look only for the duration of her injury recovery, although she could also sport it when she returns to the ring as well.

Morgan was initially injured in her and Raquel Rodriguez’s WWE Women’s Tag Team title defense on May 12 which was just a month after the duo won the titles. Morgan and Rodriguez were forced to vacate the titles, though they won them back at Money In The Bank on July 1.

Morgan was then attacked on the July 25 episode of WWE Raw by Rhea Ripley, which was reportedly a way to write Morgan off TV while she deals with either the same shoulder issue or a new one. It is still unclear when Morgan will return.

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