WWE RAW & Draft Results – April 26th

– Tonight’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW with the 2010 Draft kicks off with the usual RAW opening video. And we’re live from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia as the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us. Lawler and Cole plug the Draft tonight and show the Superstar Ticket on the screen. Matt Striker is joining Cole and Lawler on commentary tonight. We go to the ring for our opening match.



WWE Unified Tag Team Title Match: The Hart Dynasty vs. Big Show and The Miz

Out first comes the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions, The Miz and Big Show. WWE’s United States Champion The Miz takes the mic and talks about being forced to compete three times last night at Extreme Rules. Miz says The Hart Dynasty was handed a tag title shot. “You suck” chants break out. Miz says the Hart Dynasty has been handed everything because of their Uncle Bret. Miz says they’re not a Dynasty because they don’t actually win championships. Miz talks about them being trained by Stu Hart and disses Stu. Miz puts over himself and Big Show. Miz says Stu taught all the Harts how to be losers and calls Bret the biggest of them all. Miz says Bret lost his deal and wants Bret to come out right now and declare ShowMiz the greatest tag team of all-time.

Miz is in the middle of calling his team awesome when Bret Hart’s music hits. The WWE Hall of Famer comes out to the stager and says he’s a man of his word. Bret says ShowMiz is the greatest tag team of all-time. The crowd boo’s at this. Bret says he also declares that The Mountie was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time. Bret also declares David Arquette was the greatest World Champion of all-time. Bret says he can say anything he wants. Bret says talk is cheap, it’s all about results. Bret says tonight, they will have to declare the Hart Dynasty the new tag team champions of the world. The music hits and out comes Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, with Natalya. Bret and The Hart Dynasty make their way to the ring.

The bell rings and Miz locks up with Kidd. They go back and forth with holds. Kidd uses the ropes to counter and goes to work on Miz. Kick to the head for a 2 count by Kidd. Smith is tagged in and they hit a big suplex on Miz that Smith holds by himself. Smith holds Miz in the air for a while and finally drops him for a 2 count. Miz goes to the floor to regroup and mocks Natalya. He turns around to a clothesline from Smith and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Miz has Smith grounded to the mat as Bret and Natalya look on. Smith breaks out and drops Miz on his head. Tyson and Big Show are tagged in at the same time. Tyson comes off the ropes and staggers Show, going to work. Kidd runs at Show but gets dropped with a big boot. Show picks Kidd up by his neck and headbutts him to the ground. Show throws Tyson into the corner and hits him with huge chops. Show stands on Tyson now and stretches his leg. Big Show taunts Bret at ringside. Show tosses Kidd across the ring again and tags in Miz.

Miz poses for the fans and gets boo’d. Tyson fights Miz off with right hands. Miz goes for a clothesline but Kidd turns it into a 2 count. Miz hits a nice neckbreaker combination for a 2 count. Kidd tries to make a tag but Miz holds his leg. Kidd fights Miz off and tags in Smith. Smith hits a bunch of clotheslines on Miz followed by a big one in the corner. Smith goes for the running powerslam but Miz counters and gets a 2 count. Smith counters that with a 2 count of his own. More back and forth action until Smith hits a big powerslam for a 2 count.

Miz drops Smith and goes for a pin but puts his feet on the ropes. Bret runs over and knocks Miz’s feet off the ropes, making it a 2 count. Big Show runs over but Kidd splashes on him off the apron. Smith rolls Miz up for a 2 count. More back and forth. Kidd comes in and they hit the Hart Attack on Miz. Kidd locks Miz in the Sharpshooter for the pinfall, the win and the Unified Tag Team Titles.

Winners and New WWE Unified Tag Team Champions: The Hart Dynasty

– After the match, Tyson, Smith, Natalya and Bret all celebrate in the ring. We get a graphic hyping Sheamus before heading back to commercial.

– Back from the break and after an Extreme Rules replay plug, Michael Cole has breaking news for us. We see a clip from during the commercial break. Big Show and The Miz apparently had some words in the ring and Show hit the knockout punch on Miz, laying him out.

– Cole leads us into a video package of highlights from Sheamus and Triple H at Extreme Rules. Striker says it’s still unclear how much time Triple H will miss but we will hear from Sheamus tonight.

– We go backstage with Josh Matthews and the World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger. Matthews asks Swagger how he feels after defending the belt against Randy Orton. Swagger says he did exactly what he said he would – dominate Orton. Swagger puts himself over big time. Edge walks in and the crowd pops. Edge says he’s next in line for the World Title. Edge says Swagger has just a few days left with the World Title, unless he gets drafted back to RAW.

Maryse and Eve Torres vs. Layla and Michelle McCool

Michelle McCool, Layla and Vickie Guerrero come to the ring for a Divas tag match and Divas Draft pick as we go to commercial. Back from the commercial and out comes the WWE Divas Champion Eve with the former champ, Maryse. Layla and Eve start the match off. Eve strikes first and applies a headlock. Eve with a shoulder and a 1 count. A “We Want Mickie” chant breaks out as they go at it. Eve goes to tag Maryse but Maryse kicks her in the gut. Eve rolls out after Maryse and they brawl on the floor. Eve throws Maryse into the fan barrier and goes back in the ring.

Layla works over Eve and tags in Michelle McCool. Layla throws Eve into McCool for a clothesline. McCool mounts Eve on the mat and slams her head. McCool distracts the ref while Layla chokes Eve. McCool works on Eve’s neck now. Eve counters it and drops McCool with an inverted DDT. Eve ducks McCool and hits a clothesline followed by two dropkicks. Eve hits a neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. Eve runs the ropes but Maryse tags herself in. Maryse and Eve have words. Maryse turns around to a big boot from Michelle McCool for the pinfall and the win.

Winners: Michelle McCool and Layla

– McCool, Vickie and Layla celebrate in the ring after the match as SmackDown gets the first Draft pick. We look to the big screen as the Divas ticker goes off. Kelly Kelly will be going from RAW to SmackDown.

– We see CM Punk, Serena and Luke Gallows walking backstage as we go to commercial.

Evan Bourne vs. CM Punk

Back from the break and out comes Evan Bourne for the next match to determine another Draft pick. Out next is his opponent, CM Punk with Luke Gallows and Serena. Punk comes down showing off his hair and laughing. The bell rings and Punk goes to work on Bourne and takes it to the corner. Bourne hits a flying head scissors and starts kicking Punk. Punk catches Bourne off the ropes and hits a backbreaker. Punk kicks Bourne in the back and the sides now.

Punk drops Bourne with a forearm and smiles some more. Bourne comes back and they trade blows. Bourne counters suplexes with knees to the head. More back and forth until Bourne kicks Punk in the head and he goes out to the floor. Bourne leaps off the ropes and onto Punk and Gallows on the floor. Bourne brings Punk back in the ring and kicks him back down to the mat. Bourne hits a big running kick in the corner on Punk and goes to the top. Serena distracts the referee while Bourne goes for the Air Bourne. The man in the black hoodie runs out from the crowd and pushes Bourne down on the top. He runs back out through the crowd. Punk takes advantage and hits the GTS on Bourne for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: CM Punk

– After the match, the SES celebrates in the ring while we wait on another Draft pick. This time it’s Big Show and he’s going from RAW to SmackDown. Show comes out to the stage and raises his fist.

– We see Sheamus heading to the ring as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Teddy Long congratulates Big Show backstage on coming to SmackDown. Teddy says he can’t wait and extends his hand for a shake. Show just stares at Teddy. Show puts his arm around Teddy, hugs him and laughs. Show says there are no problems and tells Teddy to relax. Show walks off with Teddy dancing and telling himself he has a winner.

– We go to the ring where Sheamus is making his way down smiling. Sheamus says Triple H will never wrestle again. Sheamus says Triple H made the mistake of underestimating him and his career is now over. Sheamus says he’s now moving on and wants the WWE Title. Randy Orton’s music hits and out he comes to the ring.

Orton tells Sheamus that nobody has despised Triple H as much as himself but he always fought Triple H like a man, face to face. Orton says he didn’t jump Triple H from behind with a pipe. Orton says Sheamus doesn’t deserve a WWE Title shot. Sheamus says Orton had a title shot last night and he lost. Sheamus tells Orton to get out of the ring before he puts him out like Triple H. Orton says he has a better idea, how about he RKO and punt Sheamus right here. Sheamus says he doesn’t deal with losers. Sheamus says he’s going to face Cena for the WWE Title and there’s nothing Orton can do about it. John Cena’s music hits and out comes the WWE Champion to a big pop.

Cena stops on the stage and says we have a bit of a problem. Some boo’s coming from the crowd. Cena makes a joke and goes to introduce tonight’s guest host… nothing happens. Cena pulls a phone out of his pocket and takes the call. He says it’s WWE Global. Cena tries some comedy here as he finds out there’s no host tonight. Cena acts like he’s talking to someone and cracks on Sheamus. Sheamus gets mad and tells him to quit joking around. Cena said he was told earlier tonight that the only person to name a #1 contender is the WWE Champion, himself. Cena says it will be Sheamus vs. Orton tonight to determine a new #1 contender. Cena’s music hits and he leaves. Sheamus turns around and goes to hit the big kick on Orton but he ducks. Orton tries for the RKO but Sheamus ducks that and heads up the ramp.

– We see Kane, Drew McIntyre, Shad, R-Truth and Rey Mysterio all headed to the ring wearing SmackDown shirts. Back to commercial.

10-Man Double Brand Battle Royal: MVP, Mark Henry, Yoshi Tatsu, Santino Marella and Ted DiBiase vs. Kane, Rey Mysterio, Shad, Drew McIntyre and R-Truth

The winner of this match gets three Draft picks for their brand. It’s not every man for himself but team for team. Out first comes Team SmackDown and then Team RAW. Santino steps out first for his team and does some comedy. Rey comes out to face Santino. Kane takes his place and Kane drops Santino to start the match. Drew almost eliminates Yoshi early on. Yoshi counters and Drew goes over the top rope. Shad eliminates Yoshi. Santino and Shad go at it. Ted goes to work on Shad now.

Henry knocks Truth down with a big headbutt. Kane tries to eliminate Henry but MVP makes the save. Ted and Rey go at it. Ted tries to eliminate Rey. Rey falls off the top but hangs on. We go to commercial in the middle of things.

Back from the break and Shad is going at it with Henry. MVP is looking to eliminate Mysterio. Rey counters a move and eliminates MVP. Santino eliminates Shad. Kane grabs Santino and chokeslams him in the ring. Henry scoops Kane and tries to eliminate him. Rey makes the save, Henry is eliminated. Out goes Kane. It’s down to Ted, Santino and Mysterio but Santino is down. Ted and Rey go at it. Ted hits a big clothesline. Rey goes for a moonsault but Ted catches him. Ted throws Rey over the ropes but he hangs on. They go back and forth. Rey is almost eliminated but he hangs on and pulls Ted to the apron. Both men hang on. Ted pulls Rey off the rop and pushes him over again but Rey still hangs on. They do the same thing where both hang on the apron once again. They fight on the apron now. Rey runs the apron at Ted but Ted hits him with a big boot to eliminate him and win the match.

Winner: Ted DiBiase for the RAW Brand

– After the match, Ted lays Santino out with the Dream Street. We got to the big screen for the picks. John Morrison comes to RAW. He comes out to the stage and poses for the fans. The next pick will be R-Truth coming to RAW. Truth comes out and dances for the crowd on the stage. He and Morrison hug. The third and final pick for this match is Edge coming to RAW! The crowd pops and out comes Edge to the stage.

– Lawler and Cole plug tonight’s #1 contender’s main event with Randy Orton and Sheamus before going back to commercial.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian

Back from the break and Chris Jericho is out to try and score a Draft pick for SmackDown. Jericho takes the mic and says he was the victim of an unfair attack from Edge last night at Extreme Rules. Jericho says Edge tried to hurt him and he didn’t deserve that. Jericho wants someone to suspend Edge immediately, he demands it. Jericho says he is still the best in the world at what he does, despite the losses to Edge and Heath Slater. Edge says Slater must apologize to him for causing him to lose the match to Edge last night. Jericho demands Slater come out and apologize now. The NXT music hits and out comes Slater to the ring.

Slater says he’s sorry… sorry Jericho can’t beat Edge and can’t beat himself. Slater tells Jericho he won’t beat Christian tonight either. They have words s Christian’s music hits and out he comes to the ring. Slater taunts and distracts Jericho as he exits the ring. The bell rings and here we go. Christian strikes first, hitting Jericho with right hands. Christian works on the hurt leg of Jericho’s. Jericho goes to the floor and Christian kicks him to the mat. Christian comes out after Jericho as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Jericho has control of the match in the ring. Christian rolls Jericho out of nowhere for a 2 count. Jericho comes back with a clothesline and a 2 count. Jericho uses the ropes on Christian and taunts Slater at ringside. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Christian moves out of the way. Christian hits a flying elbow and a shoulder. Christian trips Jericho onto the ropes and stands on him. Christian jumps to the floor and hits the right hand. Christian comes off the top rope but Jericho catches it and turns it into the Walls of Jericho. Christian counters with a 2 count. Jericho hits an enziguri kick for a 2 count. Jericho goes for the bulldog but Christian counters with the inverted DDT for a 2 count. Christian goes for the Killswitch but Jericho counters into a Walls attempt. Another counter by Christian. Christian catches Jericho for another pin attempt. Jericho locks on the Walls of Jericho but Christian makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Christian comes off the top rope flying high but Jericho catches him with the Codebreaker for the pinfall and the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

– After the match, Slater comes in to check on Christian. Jericho attacks Slater and lays him out with the Codebreaker. We look to the stage for the next Draft pick. This time it’s Kofi Kingston going to SmackDown. Kofi comes out and runs down to the ring. He lays Jericho out with Trouble in Paradise and poses for the fans.

– We see John Morrison and Jack Swagger headed to the ring for another match to determine a Draft pick. Back to commercial.

Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison

Back from the break and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger, representing the SmackDown brand. Out next is one of RAW’s newest Superstars, John Morrison. The bell rings and they lock up. Swagger takes Morrison to the corner but Morrison comes right back out and they lock up again. Morrison with knees. Swagger beats Morrison in the back and down to the mat.

Swagger takes Morrison to the mat and rolls him around. Morrison takes control now and holds Swagger on the mat by his arm. Lots of mat wrestling, counters and pin attempts here. Morrison finally kicks Swagger out to the floor and hits a corkscrew plancha to the floor on Swagger. Morrison brings it back in the ring but only gets a 1 count. Swagger hits a big shoulder thrust to the ribs on Morrison in the corner and we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Swagger has Morrison on the mat. 2 count by Morrison after a counter. Swagger applies an abdominal stretch in between the ropes until the ref makes him break it. Swagger with a boot to the head. More of Morrison in control. Morrison with a big kick to the face and a 2 count. Swagger goes for the gutwrench powerbomb but Morrison counters. Morrison goes for Starship Pain but Swagger stops it. Swagger hits the powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– Swagger celebrates in the ring with his World Title as we go to replay’s. It’s time for the next Draft pick on the big screen. This time it’s Christian going to SmackDown. Christian comes out to the stage and looks at Swagger, motioning to the World Title. Swagger raises up his belt as we get ready for another break.

– Back from the break and Carlito is talking to Ted DiBiase. Apparently Ted just made some kind of offer to Carlito. Carlito says it’s not cool and walks off. Ted sees R-Truth and walks over. Ted is looking for someone to watch his back, be his confidant and carry his bags. Truth says Ted just wants himself a Virgil like his dad had. Ted says a lot of money will be in it for Truth. Truth says let him think of that and he smacks Ted in the face before walking off.

– We cut to a video package of John Cena and his support for the troops.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Hornswoggle

Back from the break and to make a long story short, Hornswoggle defeats Dolph Ziggler by countout to earn RAW the next Draft pick. Hornswoggle is excited.

Winner by Count Out: Hornswoggle

– After the match, Dolph attacks Hornswoggle and puts the Sleeper on him. Lawler checks on Hornswoggle as we get ready for the next Draft pick. Chris Jericho is coming to RAW! Jericho comes out to the stage as we get ready for another break.

– Back from the break and it’s time for the #1 contender’s match. Batista’s music hits and he comes out pissed off. Batista is screaming that he’s the #1 contender and John Cena owes him a match. Sheamus’ music hits and now he comes to the ring with a mic. Sheamus tells Batista he needs to get it through his head – he lost. Sheamus says Batista is a loser just like Randy Orton. Orton’s music hits and out he comes. Orton says he’s listened to Batista whine since Evolution and says he will beat Sheamus tonight then beat Batista. Sheamus says neither of them deserve a title shot and they all start arguing. John Cena comes out and makes this match now a triple threat.

Randy Orton vs. Sheamus vs. Batista

The bell rings and they start brawling. Batista goes to the floor while Sheamus and Orton go back and forth. Sheamus hits a big slam on Orton for a 2 count that Batista breaks up. Batista throws Sheamus into the ring post and to the floor. Orton and Batista go at it now. Orton beats Batista down in the corner and stomps away.

Orton hits big uppercuts on Batista now. Orton starts stomping away on Batista now and drops the big knee drop to the head. 2 count by Orton. Batista goes out to the floor now and Orton follows. Batista rakes Orton’s eyes and throws him back in the ring. Batista with a clothesline in the corner. Batista whips Orton into the other corner and he goes down. Batista comes to the floor and slams Sheamus’ face into the announcers table. Batista comes back in the ring but Orton takes control.

Back and forth now until Orton drops Batista for a 2 count. Sheamus comes on the apron and trades blows with Orton. Orton slams Sheamus into the ring post and he goes back down to the floor. Batista hits a big kick to the face and a 2 count on Orton. Sheamus comes back in the ring to mix it up. Orton takes him and sends him back out to the floor. Batista hits the spinebuster on Orton as we go to commercial break.

Back from the break and Orton goes for a knee drop on Sheamus but he moves. 2 count by Sheamus. During the break, Orton took Batista out by shoving him into the ring post head first. Sheamus then took control by clotheslining Orton. Batista was also thrown into the steps. Back in the ring now and Sheamus is still in control, beating Orton down. 2 count by Sheamus. Sheamus goes outside and slams Batista into the steps again. Sheamus comes back in and follows Orton to the floor. Orton kicks Sheamus and slams him into the announcer’s table. Batista grabs Orton and slams him back into the apron. Batista brings Sheamus in the ring and clotheslines him. 2 count by Batista. Batista works over Sheamus in the corner now and hits him with shoulder thrusts. Sheamus counters and knocks Batista back out to the floor. Orton comes in the ring now but Sheamus hits a big backbreaker. 2 count by Sheamus. Sheamus with a hold on Orton now. Orton fights out and Sheamus fights back. Orton with a big boot and a clothesline. Batista comes back in and Orton clotheslines them both. Orton with a powerslam on Batista. Orton brings Sheamus in from the apron with the second rope DDT but Sheamus counters it and dumps Orton to the floor. Batista clotheslines Sheamus.

Batista slams Sheamus now and gets a 2 count. Orton pulls Batista to the floor and slams him into the steps. Orton goes back in and gets a 2 count on Sheamus now. Batista tries to come back in but Orton catches him with the second rope DDT and nails it. Orton hits the mat and stalks Batista. Sheamus runs over and drops a knee to the head on Orton. Sheamus goes for the Pale Justice edge finisher but Batista spears Sheamus. Batista with a close 2 count on Sheamus. Orton hits the backbreaker on Batista. Sheamus hits the big boot on Batista. Orton hits a powerslam on Sheamus and gets hype. Orton hits the RKO on Sheamus. Orton turns around to Edge entering the ring! Edge spears Orton and lays him out. Batista manages to get his arm on Orton to count as a pin and the win. Batista is your new #1 contender.

Winner and New #1 Contender: Batista

– After the match, Edge walks up the ramp, looking back down at the ring smirking. Batista recovers in the ring and starts to get up. Edge stops at the stage and looks back at Orton. They lock eyes for a second. RAW goes off the air with Edge smiling.

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