TNA Turning Point Results – November 13th

– TNA’s 2011 Turning Point pay-per-view kicks off with a video package looking at tonight’s matches. The video has a Presidential/political and war theme to it while focusing on the recent happenings between TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode, James Storm and AJ Styles.



– And we’re live from the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida as the pyro goes off and Mike Tenay welcomes us to Turning Point. Tenay and Taz hype tonight’s show.

TNA TV Title Match: Robbie E. vs. Eric Young

We go to the ring and out first comes Robbie E. with Rob Terry by his side. Out next comes the TNA Television Champion Eric Young. The bell rings and Young locks up with the referee. Robbie charges but Young runs out of the ring and under Terry. Robbie comes out and Young decks him before bringing it back in the ring. Young keeps control of the match and sends Robbie out to re-group. Robbie comes back in and Young goes to the floor to lock up with SoCal Val. More stalling and comedy from Young until Terry levels him on the floor.

They bring it back in the ring and Robbie gets a 2 count on Young. Young starts to fight back and rolls Robbie up for a 2 count. Robbie turns it around and comes off the second rope with a forearm for another 2 count. Robbie with a back elbow off the ropes and another 2 count. Robbie goes to a headlock on the mat now. Robbie keeps control after EY tries to make comebacks. Young finally breaks out of a headlock with a jawbreaker.

Robbie wails on Young but he just takes it. Young takes off his pants to reveal trunks and hits a flying forearm. EY fights his way in from the apron and dropkicks Robbie. Young with a belly-to-belly throw and a big elbow from the top rope for a 2 count as Terry breaks the pin and pulls Robbie out to the floor. Young goes to the top and leaps out onto both men on the floor. Young brings Robbie back in the ring but Terry knocks him down from the apron. Terry throws Young back in as Robbie covers for the win and the title.

Winner and New TNA TV Champion: Robbie E.

– We see footage from earlier of Roode and Styles arriving to the building.

– We get a promo for tonight’s TNA Tag Team Title match.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Ink Inc. and Toxxine vs. Mexican America and Sarita

We go to the ring and out first comes Ink Inc followed by the TNA Tag Team Champions Mexican America. Anarquia and Shannon Moore start things out. Back and forth action until Hernandez and Jesse Neal come in. Hernandez shows more power but they come face to face. Neal knocks him down and Moore comes in. Hernandez catches Moore in the air and slams him down. Anarquia comes back in and goes at it with Moore.

Moore with a hurricanrana for a 2 count. Neal comes back in gets beat down by Anarquia. Mexican America continue to own Neal until he comes back with a spear on Hernandez. Toxxine and Sarita come in and go at it. Sarita misses a dropkick and Toxxine dropkicks her. Ink Inc. clear the ring of Hernandez and Anarquia. Moore moonsaults onto the floor and takes them both out. Moore and Toxxine double team Anarquia. They pull his pants down and send him out of the ring. Neal leaps over the top and lands on Hernandez. Rosita goes at it with Toxxine, allowing Sarita to attack from behind with the belt. Sarita covers for the win.

Winners: Mexican America

– Jeremy Borash is backstage with Austin Aries and Kid Kash talking about tonight’s X Division Title match.

TNA X Division Title Match: Jesse Sorensen vs. Kid Kash vs. Austin Aries

We go to the ring and out first comes Jesse Sorensen followed by Kid Kash. The TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries is out next.

The bell rings and after some stalling they go at it. Kash and Aries end up on the floor, allowing Sorensen to dive over the ropes and take them out. Kash attacks from behind and kicks Sorensen around. Lots of back and forth action. Sorensen hits a huge splash off the top for a 2 count on Aries as Kash breaks the pin. Kash and Aries continue to double team Soresen.

The match goes on and Sorensen goes to the top. Kash meets him and brings him back to the mat with a big superplex. Kash has the chance to go for a pin and doesn’t, continuing the attack on Sorensen. Kash hits the Money Maker but Aries puts Sorensen’s leg on the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Aries comes in and takes advantage, rolling Kash up from behind for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

– JB is backstage with AJ Styles talking about tonight’s main event.

No DQ Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Daniels

Daniels takes the mic before the match and tries to worm his way out of things. The bell rings and they go at it. RVD with a headlock. RVD takes Daniels down and puts him in a bodyscissors, getting a couple 2 counts. Daniels gets backdropped and runs into a big superkick for another 2 kick. RVD keeps in control for the most part until Daniels blocks a sunset flip and stomps away.

Daniels keeps RVD grounded in the corner and shows off for the crowd. Daniels with a heel kick to the face and a 2 count. More back and forth until Daniels connects with a big driver for a 2 count. Daniels connects with a kick to the back of the head and RVD goes back down. Daniels with a running forearm in the corner. Daniels holds his knee to RVD’s face. Daniels charges again but RVD gets his feet up. They trade shots until RVD connects with two clotheslines and a springboard kick.

Daniels ends up on the top rope between his legs. RVD goes to the top and kicks him out to the floor. They fight up the ramp and Daniels ends up on the guardrail. RVD kicks him hard. Daniels limps his way back to the ring and RVD follows. A chair comes into play from Daniels and he gets another 2 count. More back and forth. RVD connects with a kick to the chair to the face and the frogsplash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

– JB is backstage with Rob Terry and new TV Champion Robbie E. Robbie talks about how he will be the best TV Champion.

Crimson vs. Matt Morgan

We go to the ring and out first comes Matt Morgan followed by Crimson.

The bell rings and they square off. Morgan connects with the big offense first. Morgan goes for a Carbon Footprint and Crimson blocks it. Morgan rams Crimson back in the corner with shoulders and then sends him over to the floor. They go at it on the floor. Crimson uses the steps and slams Morgan’s head into the barrier.

Crimson throws Morgan into the steps but he jumps over them. Morgan back kicks the steps into Crimson’s leg and brings it back in the ring. Morgan hits a big sideslam and continues to be in control. Morgan takes it back to the corner and hits his series of back elbows. Crimson comes back with forearms and a big exploder suplex for a pin attempt. Morgan turns it around again and hits more shoulder thrusts in the corner. Crimson turns it around for a half-nelson attempt on the floor but Morgan breaks out with a 2 count. Morgan chokeslams Crimson for another 2 count.

More back and forth. Morgan keeps control now but Crimson catches him in a big sit-down powerbomb for a 2 count. Morgan and Crimson meet in the middle of the ring and have words. They trade big right hands. The right hands continue and the referee gets pushed away twice. Morgan and Crimson both shove the ref down this time so they can keep fighting and the ref calls for the double DQ.

Double Disqualification

– After the bell, Crimson and Morgan continue to throw punches until security comes down to stop it for a minute. They go back at it again and end up on the floor brawling. Security stops things again to end it.

– JB is backstage with Scott Steiner and Bully Ray talking about their tag team match tonight.

Scott Steiner and Bully Ray vs. Mr. Anderson and Abyss

Out first comes Bully Ray and Scott Steiner, representing Immortal. Mr. Anderson is out next and has his mic lowered on the stage and does the usual promo. Out next comes his partner Abyss.

Anderson and Ray start things out. Ray stalls before they finally lock up. Anderson takes Ray down with an armbar. Anderson keeps in control and barely connects with a pin attempt. Anderson with a headlock now. Ray counters and takes him down, tagging in Steiner. Steiner takes Anderson to the corner and works him over. Steiner throws Anderson to the corner and distracts the ref, allowing Ray to get in a sneak attack. Ray comes in and they continue working on Anderson’s leg.

Anderson turns it around and drops Ray as the crowd chants for Steiner. Steiner and Abyss come in but the ref didn’t see Abyss get tagged so he must leave the ring. Ray and Steiner double team Anderson now. Anderson finally turns it around and drops Ray. Abyss finally gets the tag and cleans house. Abyss takes out Steiner and Ray, splashing them in the corner. Abyss with a big slam on Steiner after sending Ray to the floor. Abyss hits a huge splash from the ropes for a close 2 count on Steiner.

Abyss chokeslams Steiner now and covers for the pin but Ray breaks it up. Ray beats Abyss down and they try to double team but him he grabs them for a double chokeslam. Ray stops it but Abyss clotheslines them both. Ray kicks Abyss in the head and clotheslines him out to the floor. Anderson is the legal man after tagging in. Abyss pulls Ray out to the floor while Anderson leaps down onto Steiner for a 2 count. Steiner counters and suplexes Anderson on his face. Steiner covers for a close 2 count. Steiner takes Anderson up top and nails a Frankensteiner. Steiner covers for 2 but the referee informs him Anderson isn’t legal. Abyss comes in from behind and hits the Black Hole Slam on Steiner for the win.

Winners: Abyss and Mr. Anderson

– After the match, Ray comes in and lays out Abyss. The losers beat the winners down and bring in a table. Ray and Steiner slam Abyss through the table but he stands right back up and stares at them. Ray is shocked as he just leaves the ring.

– JB is backstage with Karen Jarrett and the Knockout Tag Team Champions Gail Kim and Madison Rayne, talking about Gail’s shot against Velvet Sky tonight. Karen says she brought in Gail Kim because she’s a role model to young girls. Gail says she’s never been more ready and this is going to be a piece of cake. Karen says Gail doesn’t need her or Madison out there with her tonight. Karen says Gail is going to take care of business the way it’s supposed to be done.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

We go to the ring and out first comes one-half of the Knockouts Tag Team Champions, Gail Kim. Gail is by herself tonight. Out next comes the TNA Knockouts Champion Velvet Sky.

Velvet attacks Gail right before the bell and starts brawling. She sends Gail to the floor and dropkicks her in the mouth. Velvet brings it back in the ring and clotheslines Gail. Velvet with a crossbody for a 2 count. Velvet with a clothesline in the corner now and then a series of right hands. Gail turns it around and kicks Velvet around. Gail with kicks to the stomach now.

Gail with a spear in the corner and a big kick to the face. Karen Jarrett comes walking to the stage clapping. Gail with a 2 count on Velvet. Velvet fights to her feet but Gail catches her in mid-air and hits a backbreaker over her knee. Gail with an abdominal stretch now. Velvet blocks with a jackknife cover for a 2 count. Velvet with another 2 count. Velvet counters and kicks Gail out of mid-air. Velvet with a clothesline, knees to the face and a faceplant. Velvet drops Gail again for another 2 count as Gail attempted a suplex.

More back and forth. Karen runs over and distracts the referee while Madison Rayne comes in and lays out Velvet from behind. Gail still only gets a 2 count. Gail goes to the top but misses senton as Velvet moves out of the way. Velvet with a 2 count. Gail with a rollup for 2. Karen distracts the referee again while Madison interferes a bit. Gail takes advantage and this time gets the win and the Knockouts Title.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Gail Kim

– Eric Bischoff is backstage on the phone, yelling at his wife about their son Garrett. Bischoff say she’s going to send Garrett back to her in a bag on Thursday. Bully Ray walks in and he’s upset, talking about how the table spot didn’t affect Abyss. Ray says things with Hulk Hogan are going wrong and things with Abyss are going wrong, so Bischoff needs to fix things. Ray can’t get over the fact that Abyss got right up when they put him through a table. Bischoff and Ray walk off together.

– We get a promo for tonight’s Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett match.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jeff Jarrett

We go to the ring and out first comes Jeff Jarrett with Karen. Jeff Hardy is out next and he’s wearing a new helmet to the ring.

Hardy enters the ring and the bell sounds, they go right at it. Hardy hits a quick Twist of Fate and pins Jarrett for the squash win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jarrett is pissed and wants the referee to re-start the match. The bell sounds again as Jarrett lays Hardy out and here we go. Jarrett beats Hardy around the ring as the crowd chants for him. Hardy comes back with a forearm shot and a kick to the corner. Hardy runs into an elbow in the corner and Jarrett turns things around. Jarrett slides out to the floor and hits his trademark right hand. Jarrett comes off the second rope with a right hand and lays Hardy out again. Another right hand off the ropes and Jarrett plays to the crowd.

Jarrett comes off the ropes again but Hardy catches him and drops him on his face for a 2 count. Hardy goes up top but Jarrett knocks him down to the mat. Jarrett keeps whipping Hardy into the corners and running his mouth. Hardy fights back with right hands but Jarrett locks on a sleeper hold. Hardy backdrops Jarrett. They get to their feet and trade right hands. Hardy with a forearm shot and a roll-up for 2. Hardy blocks the Stroke. Jarrett blocks the Twist of Fate and goes for the Figure Four. Hardy blocks that and rolls Jarrett up for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

After the match, Jarrett grabs a chair and runs up the ramp, hitting Hardy in the head with it. Jarrett beats Hardy back to the ring and bullies Earl Hebner in. Jarrett hits Hardy with The Stroke and forces Hebner to make the count. Hebner counts the pin but Hardy kicks out at 2. Hardy rolls Jarrett up again and pins him for the third time.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

– Tenay and Taz go to hype tonight’s main event but cameras cut backstage to see wrestlers congratulating Jeff Hardy. AJ Styles walk up and they stop. AJ and Hardy shake hands before they both walk off.

– JB is backstage with Bobby Roode talking about tonight’s main event.

– We go to the promo video for tonight’s World Heavyweight Title match.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Bobby Roode

We go to the ring and out first comes the challenger, AJ Styles, to a nice reaction from the crowd. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode is out next.

JB does formal ring introductions and here we go. They lock up and break. Roode stalls a bit and they lock up again, going to the corner. They break and Roode gets a cheap shot in. AJ knocks him to the mat and Roode goes to the floor to run his mouth. Roode knocks AJ into the corner with right hands. AJ fights out but Roode stops him and applies a headlock. They run the ropes and AJ dropkicks Roode back out to the floor.

AJ brings it back in the ring an suplexes Roode. AJ takes it back to the corner and works Roode over, taking it to the next corner. AJ with chops in the corner now. AJ keeps it up going from corner to corner with Roode. AJ keeps control of the match until Roode kicks him in the face and connects with a running clothesline. The crowd boos as Roode beats AJ around. Roode charges but AJ moves and Roode lands on the floor. AJ leaps off the apron and takes out Roode against the fan barrier. AJ picks Roode up and drops him over top of the barrier. They make it back and Roode dropkicks AJ back out. Roode rams AJ back into the apron and brings it back in the ring for a 1 count. Roode covers again but AJ kicks out. They get to their feet and AJ fights out of the corner. Roode runs into a big boot. AJ comes off the top but Roode catches him. Roode catapults AJ into the corner. Roode drops AJ on his face and covers for 2.

Roode keeps AJ down with a hold on the mat now. They get to their feet but Roode keeps in control. AJ runs into a boot in the corner and Roode goes to the second rope. AJ meets him with a right hand. AJ takes Roode up top for a superplex but Roode headbutts him back to the mat. AJ runs back up and grabs Roode, this time nailing the superplex. They make it to their feet and AJ rocks Roode with right hands. AJ with a big backdrop and a series of clotheslines. AJ with the big leaping forearm in the corner and a backbreaker over the knee for a 2 count.

Roode blocks a move and AJ ends up on the apron. AJ goes for a springboard in but Roode cuts him off. They go back and forth again. AJ crossbodies but can’t get the pin. Roode catches AJ with a big spinebuster for a 2 count as Roode shows frustration. AJ counters a fisherman’s suplex from Roode and backdrops him. AJ springboards in but Roode moves and AJ lands on his knees. AJ counters Roode with a roll-up for 2. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but Roode fights it. Roode turns it into a crossface and locks the submission in, in the middle of the ring. The hold is broken and AJ can barely powerbomb Roode. AJ takes it to the corner and charges. Roode backdrops him to the apron. AJ springboards in with a forearm shot but Roode kicks out at 2. AJ pushes Roode into the corner and holds him from behind. The referee comes behind AJ. Roode goes to back kick AJ with a low blow but it hits the referee and he goes down. Roode goes for the win but the referee is slow to count. AJ rolls Roode up for 2. AJ kicks Roode with an enziguri but he doesn’t go down. AJ goes for the Styles Clash it looks like but Roode hits him with right hands. AJ with a leaping right hand and Roode goes down. Roode backs up in the corner and begs AJ not to hit him. AJ spears Roode down and wails away with right hands. AJ unloads with knees and forearms. AJ with chops on the ropes now. AJ drops Roode on the top rope between his legs, causing Roode to fall out to the floor.

AJ runs the ropes and goes for the suicide dive but Roode moves, catches him in mid-air and slams AJ to the floor in front of the fans. They come in the ring and trade pin attempts. AJ finally goes for the Styles Clash but Roode blocks it and pins AJ with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– Turning Point goes off the air with Roode looking on from the ramp at AJ in the ring.

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