WWE RAW Results – August 15th

– Tonight’s WWE RAW opens up with stills and a look back at the WWE Title match from SummerSlam where CM Punk defeated John Cena, who had his foot on the ropes. We see Kevin Nash returning to attack CM Punk and Alberto Del Rio capturing the WWE Title. We go to the usual RAW opening video.



– We’re live from the Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California as the pyro goes off and Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. Triple H’s music hits and out he comes to kick off RAW. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are with Cole on commentary.

Triple H understands people are upset at how SummerSlam ended last night. Triple H apologizes to the fans and to John Cena. He says he made a mistake and after watching replays, saw that John Cena’s foot was indeed on the ropes. Triple H says he will look Cena in the eye tonight and apologize. He says Cena and CM Punk were having a great match last night and if he wouldn’t have screwed it up, he doesn’t know who would have won. Triple H says he had nothing to do with what else happened. He admits he is friends with Kevin Nash. Triple H says Nash called him and asked him to leave a few tickets to SummerSlam and that’s the last he spoke to him. Triple H says he had no knowledge Nash was going to attack Punk. Triple H says he hasn’t spoke to Nash but has invited him via text to explain himself on RAW tonight. He also says he didn’t know about Del Rio cashing in. Triple H says he promised the world a week ago that when SummerSlam was over, there would be only one undisputed WWE Champion and here he is. Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and out he comes walking down the ramp with the WWE Title. No introduction from Ricardo Rodriguez and no car.

The new WWE Champion enters the ring and introduces himself to us – Alberto Del Rio, the undisputed WWE Champion. Del Rio has been saying it for weeks and weeks – it was his destiny to become WWE Champion. Del Rio says it was never his intention to cash in Money in the Bank at SummerSlam. He says destiny does whatever it wants. Plus, after what Kevin Nash did, Del Rio says he couldn’t resist. Some people are just born to be great, he says. Del Rio says he wants to represent each one of the fans with respect, with honesty, with passion. The crowd isn’t buying it. Del Rio says he will sign autographs for all the fans and they boo. He will take pictures with all the kids. They give that a mixed reaction. Del Rio says that’s the kind of champion he wants to be, a champion for his people. Mixed reaction again. Del Rio brings up his match tonight against Rey Mysterio and Rey’s name gets a big pop from his hometown crowd. Del Rio says he is happy he gets to defend first against Mysterio because we all love Mysterio. Del Rio says he loves Mysterio. A big 619 chant breaks out. Del Rio says he loves Rey again but adds that he loves beating Mysterio. Del Rio says he began his WWE career beating Mysterio. When he wakes up in the morning, he feels like beating Rey Mysterio. That’s exactly what he’s going to do tonight, he says. Del Rio says the people need to change their area code because there’s no more 619 after tonight. Their new hero will be him, the undisputed WWE Champion, after tonight. Del Rio drops the mic and continues to show off as his music hits.

– Cole hypes Del Rio vs. Mysterio for later tonight. We see Triple H backstage entering John Cena’s locker room before taking a commercial break.

Falls Count Anywhere Match: R-Truth vs. John Morrison

Back from the break and out comes R-Truth to a remixed version of his “What’s Up?” theme song. It starts out with him saying “the truth has set me free. Truth makes his way out for a Falls Count Anywhere match. Out next comes his opponent John Morrison.

They show a side video of John Morrison earlier in the day talking about how he was going to take Truth out on his terms tonight. The bell rings and they lock up, going to the corner. Truth kicks Morrison and hits him right a right. Morrison comes back fighting and they go at it. Truth with a big hip toss. Truth misses a leg drop. Morrison misses a kick and Truth rolls him up for 2. Another roll up for 2 by Morrison. Morrison clotheslines Truth out to the floor. Morrison corkscrews over the top rope and lands on Truth. 2 count on the floor by Morrison.

Morrison continues to beat up Truth on the outside. Morrison leaps off the fan barrier and kicks Truth to the floor for another 2 count. Morrison goes for a suplex on the floor but Truth blocks it. Truth drops Morrison hard on his face. 2 count by Truth on the floor. Truth looks around crazy as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Truth is still in control on the floor and gets another 2 count. During the break, Truth dumped Morrison from the turnbuckles out to the floor. Truth wails away on Morrison’s neck now. Truth with more pin attempts on the floor. Truth with running knees. Truth sets Morrison up on the fan barrier and clotheslines him off of it and over into the crowd. Truth with a pin attempt on the concrete now. Truth brings Morrison back to the ringside area but Morrison catches him with a kick to the head. 2 count by Morrison.

Truth gets up and slams Morrison into the steel steps. Truth pushes an office chair over but Morrison clotheslines him for a 2 count. Morrison suplexes Truth into the chair, leaving him sitting in it. Morrison runs back and hits Truth with a big knee to the face for the pin on the floor and the win.

Winner: John Morrison

– Backstage we see the former WWE Champion CM Punk arriving as we go back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a WrestleMania 22 replay where Rey Mysterio won the World Heavyweight Title. JR hypes tonight’s WWE Title match with Del Rio and Mysterio.

– We go to the ring and out comes The Miz. Miz says he is out here tonight because he has been asked by someone to say hello to someone else in the audience. Miz points out Subway’s Jared at ringside. Miz says Jared is a big fan of his but Jared shakes his head. Miz says he isn’t a fan of Jared and can do his job better than him. Miz says he can be a better Subway spokesperson than Jared. Miz walks down to ringside and grabs a sub out of Jared’s hand. Miz cuts a promo on the sub and says that’s better than anything Jared has ever done. Miz tells the Subway executives that the reason Subway’s new sub is trending is him. Miz says he will be a champion again because he’s The Miz and he’s awesome. Miz takes a few bites out of the sub as his music plays.

– A limousine pulls up outside and Kevin Nash steps out to a pop from the crowd. Nash makes his way through the backstage area as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and Cole hypes the fact that Triple H, Punk and Nash are all here. We see country singer Trace Adkins at ringside.

Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs. The Bella Twins

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly with her partner Eve Torres. Out next come their opponents The Bella Twins.

Kelly starts things out with one of the Bellas. They lock up and go to the corner. Kelly with kicks and a head scissors takedown. Kelly hits a bulldog and a stinkface in the corner. Bella comes back and leg whips Kelly. The Bellas tag out and continue working on Kelly’s leg. 2 count by the Bellas. Brie continues working on Kelly’s leg. Kelly comes back and drops Bella on her face. Eve finally gets tagged in and hits a dropkick and a clothesline. The Bellas double team Eve but she comes back with a neckbreaker. Kelly runs in and takes out the other twin. Eve hits a moonsault on the other for the win.

Winners: Eve Torres and Kelly Kelly

– After the match, Eve and Kelly are celebrating in the ring when Beth Phoenix’s music hits. Beth and Natalya come out to the ramp and applaud Eve and Kelly as the two Diva teams stare each other down.

– Cole says that Kevin Nash will speak next. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Justin Roberts introduces Kevin Nash as a former WWE Champion, WCW Champion and one of the most influential stars in history. Nash makes his way out with no music and enters the ring.

Nash thanks his good friend Triple H for letting him come here to speak about last night. Nash informs everyone that he and Triple H have been friends for almost 20 years and Triple H is the godfather to his son. Nash says he asked Triple H for tickets to SummerSlam. Nash says he was watching and got a text message before the main event. The text said, “hey big man, no matter what happens, stick the winner in the main event.” Nash indicates that the message came from a friend. Nash tells CM Punk what he did last night was just business. Nash says he arrived tonight and Triple H is denying that he knew about Nash running in last night. Nash says he and Triple H need to get on the same page. Nash goes to leave and CM Punk’s music hits. Out comes Punk.

Punk stops on the stage with a mic. Punk asks Nash if he expects him to believe that load of crap. Punk says Nash and Triple H are best friends, he’s not buying it. Punk mocks Nash and Triple H saying he’s going to do what’s best for business. A Punk chant breaks out from the crowd. Punk says he’s always thought Triple H didn’t know what’s good for business and he’s heard that Nash doesn’t know what’s good for business. Punk says Nash is standing proof that he doesn’t know what’s good for business. Nash says this is the first time they have spoke and Punk needs to watch his mouth. Punk says Nash needs to watch the show – he says and does what he wants. Nash says Punk’s world just changed.

Punk says Nash’s story proves Triple H is a liar. Nash says he will show Punk the text message on his phone. Punk jokes back and reads a fake text from his sister about how she thought Nash was dead. Punk says it’s just Nash’s career that’s dead. Punk says he’s pissed at people but not Alberto Del Rio because he’s done that before. Punk says clearly Triple H is bringing back his cronies. Nash says all HHH has done is shake things up. Punk says no, he’s the one who did. Nash says Punk is an indie-rific, wannabe. Nash says Punk has only been here five years and in two main events. Punk brings up how Nash said in the past Eddie Guerrero wasn’t a main event talent. Punk says it’s 2011, not back in the day. Nash brings up how he and Scott Hall changed the business in 1996 and made a way for guys like Punk to make money. Nash continues to put down Punk and says he looks like a cook from Waffle House. Punk says Nash put his hands on him and that’s not good. Punk says he would rather be himself than show up somewhere as Oz, Vinnie Vegas or Diesel. Punk says if Nash wants a fight, they can do it tonight. Punk marches to the ring and security gets in between he and the ring.

Punk says he isn’t surprised Triple H has deemed Nash untouchable, because he didn’t call the security out, it must have been Triple H. Punk says he will go find out from the COO himself. Punk’s music hits as he stares down Nash from the ramp. We go to break.

– Back from the break and Kevin Nash walks into Triple H’s locker room but he’s not there. John Laurinaitis walks in and says he’s in a meeting. Laurinaitis says the way Punk talked to him last night and Nash tonight is unacceptable. Laurinaitis wants to talk to Nash about something in private and they walk off to his office.

Alex Riley vs. Jack Swagger

We go to the ring and out comes Alex Riley. WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are on commentary. Out next comes Riley’s opponent Jack Swagger.

The bell rings and they lock up. Swagger takes Riley to the corner and beats him down. Riley turns it around and beats Swagger down. Riley with forearms off the ropes. Swagger kicks Riley’s leg out and drops him with a shoulder. Swagger with a Swagger Bomb out of the corner and more double ax handles. More back and forth. Swagger with a side slam for a 2 count. Swagger goes back to work on the arm.

Swagger runs the ropes but Riley hits him with a spinebuster. Riley with a pair of clotheslines and a big slam on Swagger. Vickie takes JR’s cowboy hat off at ringside as Riley gets another 2 count in the ring. Vickie puts the hat on and parades around at ringside. She then gets on the apron and distracts the referee as Riley is trying to pin Swagger. Swagger recovers, takes advantage of the distraction and after a few attempts, hits Riley with a gutwrench for the win.

Winner: Jack Swagger

– We get another flashback of Rey Mysterio beating The Miz for the WWE Title. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Jack Swagger catches up with Vickie Guerrero backstage. He thanks her for her help. She says she was just trying to prove to Dolph… Swagger says she doesn’t have to prove anything to Dolph. Swagger says Vickie looks great and she’s a great manager. He says all the great managers like Bobby Heenan and Freddie Blassie had multiple clientele. Swagger says Vickie should think about expanding her roster and walks off as she smiles.

– We go to a video package with highlights from Axxess and SummerSlam weekend.

– We see CM Punk walk into Triple H’s locker room and Stephanie McMahon is there. She apologizes for him losing the title last night. Stephanie says in the end, people get what they deserve and walks off. Back to commercial.

Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

Back from the break and out first comes Kofi Kingston followed by his partner Evan Bourne. Out next comes Michael McGillicutty and David Otunga, the WWE Tag Team Champions, for this non-title match. Kofi and McGillcutty start things out and go to the corner. McGillicutty with a big right hand. Kofi fights back and takes control before tagging in Bourne for some double teaming. Bourne comes back with kicks and a high knee until McGillicutty knocks him down and starts stomping. Otunga is tagged in for some double teaming.

Otunga continues the assault on Bourne and stops him from tagging with a clothesline, and another. Otunga taunts Bourne and hits another clothesline for a 2 count. Otunga tags back out and they double team Bourne in the corner again. McGillicutty steps on Bourne’s head and runs his mouth to Kofi. Suplex by McGillicutty and another 2 count. Bourne fights back but McGillicutty stops him. Bourne ducks a clothesline and tags in Kofi. Kofi comes in and takes out both of the tag champs. Dropkicks and forearms for McGillicutty. Kofi misses a splash in the corner but kicks a charging McGillicutty in the head. Kofi with a big shot from the top rope for 2 as Otunga breaks the pin. Kofi kicks Otunga to the floor. McGillicutty dropkicks Kofi into a tag to Bourne. McGillicutty goes down and Bourne nails Air Bourne for the non-title win.

Winners: Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne

– We see Rey Mysterio backstage getting ready for the main event as we go to commercial.

Undisputed WWE Title Match: Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio

Justin Roberts introduces Ricardo Rodriguez to begin the introduction for Alberto Del Rio. The WWE Champion comes in driving a Ferrari. Del Rio makes his way to the ring. Out next comes Rey Mysterio to a big pop from the hometown crowd.

The bell rings and they lock up. Del Rio goes behind but Rey reverses it. Del Rio ends up on the floor and Rey dropkicks him for a 2 count. Another roll up by Rey for 2. Del Rio drops him with a right hand and stomps away. Del Rio whips Rey hard into the turnbuckles and he goes down. Rey slides through Del Rio’s legs and drops him into position for 619. Rey goes for it but Del Rio rolls out to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Del Rio has Rey in a body scissors and is trying to rip his mask off. During the break, Del Rio suplexed Rey over the fan barrier outside. Rey fights out of the scissors now and drops Del Rio face first into the corner. Rey runs and dropkicks Del Rio in the face. Rey goes to the top but Del Rio knocks him down. Del Rio climbs up but Rey fights him off. Rey hits a big tornado DDT from the top and both men are down. Rey with a springboard crossbody for another 2 count. Rey rolls Del Rio up for yet another pin attempt. Del Rio gets up and kicks Rey hard in the ribs. Del Rio stalls and covers Rey for 2. Del Rio takes Rey back to the mat with a body scissors.

Rey fights out of the hold again and kicks Del Rio in the head. Del Rio charges with a dropkick but Rey moves and he slides through the ropes, down to the floor. Rey runs the ropes now and dropkicks Del Rio to the floor. Rey springboard moonsaults now from the apron to the floor, taking out Del Rio. Rey brings it back in the ring and climbs to the top. Rey comes down with the senton and the head scissors. Rey goes for 619 but Del Rio clotheslines him out of nowhere for a 2 count. And another 2 count from Del Rio. Del Rio shoves Rey back in the corner and charges but Rey puts his knees up. Del Rio catches Rey in a big backbreaker for another 2 count.

Del Rio continues the assault with right hands and shoulder thrusts in the corner. Del Rio takes Rey to the top turnbuckle, steps back and hits a running enziguri. Rey falls to the mat and Del Rio covers for a 2 count. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker but Rey rolls him up for 2. Del Rio comes right back with a dropkick. The crowd starts chanting 619 for Rey. Del Rio goes for the armbreaker again. Rey ends up on his shoulders and drops him for 619. Rey nails it and goes to the top. Rey comes down with a splash but Del Rio puts his knees up. Rey lands hard and Del Rio rolls him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Alberto Del Rio

– After the match, Del Rio attacks Mysterio and then goes to take his mask off. Del Rio hits an armbreaker on Rey. Rey falls out to the floor and Del Rio follows, continuing to work on his arm. Del Rio brings Rey back in the ring and applies his armbreaker finisher. The referee tries to get Del Rio to break the hold but he won’t. John Cena runs out and goes crazy on Del Rio, sending him out of the ring. Cena says he is coming off one hell of a weekend and has a bunch of reasons to be pissed off. It could be Triple H, but no, he’s pissed off at a scumbag like Del Rio. After two guys like Punk and Cena leave it all in the ring, Del Rio goes into business for himself, Cena says. Cena says Del Rio is not a champion, he is a target. Cena says Del Rio will realize that holding onto the WWE Title makes every person he knows his enemy. Cena says Punk earned the right to be called a champion but Del Rio cashed in a briefcase and got lucky. Cena says Del Rio will eventually have to defend the title and if it’s against him, Del Rio won’t be so lucky. Del Rio is about to find out that his destiny is John Cena whipping his ass, Cena says. Cena drops the mic and his music hits as the WWE Champion mouths back from the stage.

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