*Spoilers* TNA iMPACT Tapings – February 10th

– Thanks to Eric for the following TNA iMPACT spoilers from tonight’s tapings in Orlando , airing on February 10th:



* Immortal opens the show with Eric Bischoff talking about each member of Fortune. Jeff Jarrett calls them out to the ring. Promos from each side here on what they’ve done for TNA. Immortal attacks but Crimson, Kurt Angle and Scott Steiner run down for the save.

* Winter and Velvet Sky are backstage fihting. Anelina Love breaks it up and wants them to be friends.

* Backstage with Eric Bischoff and the returning Hernandez. Bischoff wants him to join Immortal. Hernandez agrees.

* Brother Devon, Samoa Joe and Rob Van Dam beat Matt Hardy, Brother Ray and The Pope in a tables match. The new Asian guy chased off Pope again and Joe followed. Devon’s sons got involved again and helped them win.

* Jeff and Karen Jarrett come out with security and a contract. She talks about Kurt Angle and out he comes. If Angle can beat Jarrett at Against All Odds, he gets full custody of his children. If Jeff wins, then on March 3rd when he and Karen renew their wedding vows, Kurt has to walk Karen down the aisle and give her away. Angle and Jarrett sign the contract.

* Sarita and Rosita are backstage getting ready. Rosita is Divina Fly. Madison Rayne and Tara come in. Sarita says Rosita is her cousin.

* Sarita, Rosita, Tara and Madison Rayne defeat Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Winter and Mickie James. Rosita pinned Velvet when she was distracted by Winter.

* After the match, Mickie talks about being tired of Madison. Mickie calls her back into the ring and they talk trash. Mickie vs. Madison is set for Against All Odds.

* Backstage segment with Kurt Angle and Beer Money, talking about their match with Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. Angle wants Jarrett’s ass. Roode agrees to let Angle have his spot in the match.

* Mr. Anderson beats Matt Morgan for the TNA World Title. Jeff Hardy brings out a ladder before the match and sits on it to watch. Hernandez ran down during the match and attacked Morgan, allowing Anderson to get the pin. Anderson got attacked by Hernandez after the match. Hardy came in and hit a Swanton on Anderson and posed with his belt.

* Robbie E. wins a X Division triple threat contender’s match against Suicide and Brian Kendrick.

* Kurt Angle and AJ Styles defeated Jeff Hardy and Jeff Jarrett. After the match, the Jeff’s attacked Angle and Styles. Fortune, Crimson and Steiner ran down to make the save. Immortal came down to make it a bigger brawl. RVD came out next to take out Immortal. Immortal took over again until Mr. Anderson came down to clear the ring and end the show.

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