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WWE RAW Results (6/18): Money In The Bank Fallout


The June 18th, 2018 edition of WWE RAW is the first episode after Money In The Bank, and airs live from the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI.

– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video package looking at Nia Jax vs. Ronda Rousey last night, with Alexa Bliss’ interference.

– RAW GM Kurt Angle is in the ring to kick off RAW. Angle talks about RAW superstars winning both Money In The Bank contract matches last night, and then he introduces new WWE Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss. She comes out to the ring, and Kurt says sine she requested a special presentation of the belt, he hands her the belt now in the ring. Kurt reveals that Nia will be getting a rematch for the Women’s Championship at Extreme Rules. Alexa says she still isn’t done gloating about her win last night, and she talks about winning the contract and the Championship at Money In The Bank. Ronda Rousey comes out to interrupt, and she’s not happy. Alexa hides behind Kurt and tells Ronda to calm down. Alexa taunts Ronda about not winning the Championship last night, and Ronda attacks her. Ronda pummels on Alexa until Kurt hauls her off, and Ronda judo throws Kurt down. Ronda drops Alexa and repeatedly hits her with the Money In The Bank briefcase. Kurt tries to haul her off again, but Ronda hits Kurt with the briefcase now. Referees run in and Ronda starts beating them up. Ronda goes back to Alexa and picks her up, then powerbombs her through the table in the ring. Ronda heads backstage as Kurt asks what the hell she’s doing.

– We see Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey arguing backstage. Kurt says he has no choice but to suspend her for 30 days, and he tells her to get her things and go.

– On her way out of the building, Ronda does a short interview with Renee Young where she says after this 30-day suspension, Ronda will be back to kick Alexa’s ass.

– Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins is out to the ring next, and he’s got a mic. Rollins says there’s no better place than here for an IC Title open challenge, and there’s no better time than right now. He calls out anyone in the back who has the guts to come fight him for the belt right now. It appears Dolph Ziggler will be accepting the challenge, but then Drew McIntyre comes out behind him. Ziggler gets in the ring, while McIntyre stays out at ringside.

Intercontinental Title: Seth Rollins (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler: Ziggler starts this one off hot and backs Rollins into the ropes. Ziggler misses with a Zig Zag, and Rollins misses a curb stomp, then Ziggler rolls outside to regroup. Back in the ring, Ziggler starts controlling the pace of the match and going after Rollins’ bad knee. Ziggler hits a neckbreaker for a two count, then an elbow drop for another two count. Rollins comes back with a jawbreaker, and then he sends Ziggler into the ring post. Rollins sends Ziggler outside and hits a suicide dive on him, and then back in the ring Rollins springboards off the top rope with a flying forearm shot. Rollins covers for a two count. Ziggler starts fighting back, but the Champion drops him again with a knee to the face. Rollins looks for the curb stomp, but Ziggler moves and comes back with the Fameasser for a near-fall. Ziggler looks for the superkick, but Rollins strikes first with a superkick of his own. Rollins kicks him in the head again and pins for another near-fall. Rollins is still selling the knee, and he climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Rollins leaps and misses on a frogsplash as Ziggler rolls out of the way. Ziggler goes up top now, but Rollins meets him with a punch to the face. They fight up the turnbuckle, and Ziggler knocks Rollins down. Rollins goes up the turnbuckle again, and Ziggler knocks him down again, then hits a flying cross body. Rollins rolls through and picks up Ziggler, then powerbombs him into the corner. Drew McIntyre gets on the apron and distracts Rollins, and Ziggler attacks from behind. Ziggler and Rollins trade roll-up attempts, and Ziggler scores the three count. Ziggler was holding Rollins’ tights during the pin, but the ref didn’t see.

Winner & new Intercontinental Champion: Dolph Ziggler

– After the match, Ziggler celebrates obnoxiously with the IC Title, as Rollins protests about Ziggler cheating by grabbing the tights during the pin. Rollins gets in Ziggler’s face, and then Drew McIntyre hits the ring and drops Rollins. They hit the Claymore/Zig Zag combo on Rollins and leave him laying.

– Back from commercial, Ziggler does an interview with McIntyre by his side. Ziggler makes fun of the other wrestlers’ catch phrases and says when he says he’s going to do something, he does it.

Bobby Roode vs. Curt Hawkins: Roode’s ribs are taped up, selling the effects of his ladder match last night. The opening bell sounds and Hawkins starts off strong, but Roode quickly shuts him down with a spinebuster. Roode follows up with the Glorious DDT for the three count after a short match.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– Roode celebrates in the ring as we go to commercial.

– We come back with a video package looking at Braun Strowman’s Money In The Bank ladder match win last night.

– Strowman comes out to the ring with his Money In The Bank briefcase next. Strowman gets on the mic and talks about his accomplishments in WWE so far. Strowman says as great as all that was, his Money In The Bank briefcase is the greatest accomplishment, and then he dares Brock Lesnar to show his face again so he can cash in. Strowman says Lesnar is going to ‘get these hands,’ and then Kevin Owens comes out to interrupt. Kevin is on the stage with a mic, an he says he wants to be the first one to congratulate Braun because he deserves it. Owens says he knew all along that Strowman would win, and none of the other competitors would listen to him when he said they needed to band together to stop him. Owens says he has advice for Strowman, he needs to be smart and have a strategy for his Money In The Bank contract. Owens steps into the ring and tries to strike up a friendship with Strowman. Owens says Strowman has no one to watch his back, and he hasn’t needed it until now, but now Strowman has a big opportunity and could use some help. Owens says he wants to help each other, or use each other, where they each do a favor for each other. Owens says he’ll help Strowman become Universal Title, and in return Owens wants a shot at the Title after Strowman wins it. Owens says he’s too injured from last night to fight right now, and he just wants to shake Strowman’s hand. Strowman shakes but doesn’t let go. Strowman picks up Owens and goes for the running powerslam, but Owens escapes and rolls out of the ring. Owens retreats up the ramp.

– Bayley approaches Sasha Banks in the locker room backstage and gives her a pep talk after losing the ladder match last night. Bayley says they should start over and give their friendship a fresh start, and they shake on it.

Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno: Before the bell sounds, The B Team appears on the big screen dressed up as Hardy and Wyatt, and doing their best impressions of the Woken ones. The distraction leads to Slater and Rhyno getting a jump on Hardy and Wyatt. Rhyno slams Wyatt in the corner and then clotheslines him down. Wyatt blocks a shot in the corner then tags in Matt. Matt hits some elbows to the face, then he repeatedly slams Rhyno’s face in the corner. Matt goes for the Twist of Fate, but Rhyno shoves him off and clotheslines him down. Slater tags in and they briefly double team Matt before Slater goes to work on keeping him grounded. Slater misses a shot off the top rope and Hardy fires back with the Side Effect. Bray tags in and beats on Slater in the corner. Wyatt looks for the Sister Abigail, but Rhyno runs in and breaks it up. Hardy runs in and hits the Twist of Fate on Rhyno and sends Rhyno outside. Slater boots Wyatt in the face, but Wyatt answers with a clothesline. Matt tags in and they hit the double Sister Abigail on Slater for the three count.

Winners: Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt

– We see a replay of Ronda Rousey beating down Alexa Bliss earlier and attacking Kurt Angle.

– Kurt Angle is backstage when Baron Corbin walks in. Corbin says Stephanie is pleased with Kurt’s performance tonight. Kurt starts to tell Corbin what he can tell Stephanie, but Corbin hands him the phone and Kurt tells her himself as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break, Kurt is still on the phone with Stephanie, with Corbin next to him. It sounds like Stephanie gives Kurt some big news to make an announcement about later tonight. She also tells Kurt to run everything by “constable Corbin.”

– Jinder Mahal comes out next with Sunil Singh, who is wearing a neck brace. Chad Gable is already in the ring awaiting him. Jinder cuts a promo on the way to the ring trashing Roman Reigns and the fans. Jinder says he has found true peace and tranquillity, and he is a spiritual being committed to change, unlike Chad Gable. Jinder trashes Gable and his amateur wrestling background.

Jinder Mahal vs. Chad Gable: The opening bell sounds and Jinder goes right after Gable, beating him into the corner. Chad fights out and suplexes Jinder down a couple times. Jinder fights back with a swinging neckbreaker, then he beats on Gable while he’s down. Gable locks Jinder in an arm bar hanging over the ring ropes until the ref breaks it up. Gable dropkicks Jinder out to the floor, then takes him back in the ring for more punishment. Gable goes up top and hits a moonsault for a two count. Jinder comes back and hits a boot to the face of Gable. Jinder follows up with the Khallas for the three count after a short but competitive match.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

– The Riot Squad is backstage knocking things over and annoying people. They smash someone’s laptop and write the letter “R” on a random mirror. They’re in tag action against Sasha Banks and Bayley next.

– Michael Cole introduces a promotional video package for the Special Olympics Summer Games.

Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan vs. Sasha Banks & Bayley: Ruby Riott is at ringside for this one. Bayley and Liv start this one off. Liv backs Bayley up into the Riot Squad corner and tags in Logan. Bayley fights back and hits a bulldog on Logan then drops an elbow on her. Bayley bounces off the ropes and Sasha tags herself in. Logan starts fighting back and drops Sasha. Sasha looks for a suplex on Logan, but her back appears to give out. Bayley tags herself back in and starts brawling with Logan. Bayley drops Logan to the outside. Liv attacks Bayley on the outside so Sasha drops Liv. Back in the ring, Logan drops Bayley and then knocks Banks off the apron. Liv tags in and Bayley kicks her down, then Sasha tags herself in. Sasha drops Liv then hits some knee strikes for a two count. Liv fights back, while Bayley is distracted dealing with Logan on the outside. Liv misses a shot on Sasha in the corner, but Logan connects with a cheap shot on Sasha behind the ref’s back. Liv rolls up Sasha with a fist full of tights for the three count.

Winners: The Riott Squad

– The Riott Squad celebrates on the ramp while Bayley and Sasha look disgruntled in the ring. Bayley tries to hug Sasha pushes her away. They have a stare-down and Sasha pushes Bayley down then leaves.

– Kurt Angle is backstage reviewing some notes with Baron Corbin. Michael Cole tells us that Kurt’s announcement is coming up next.

– We see Bayley approaching Sasha backstage and they continue arguing. Bayley then attacks Sasha and they fight through the backstage area. Sasha whips Bayley into a trash can and walks off. Bayley appears to be selling a shoulder injury.

– Kurt Angle is in the ring. He saw the fight between Sasha and Bayley on the big screen, and complains about this show being out of control. Kurt says he has an announcement to make about when Brock Lesnar will next be defending his Universal Title. Before Kurt can make the announcement, Roman Reigns comes out to interrupt. Reigns gets in the ring and says everyone knows he should have been declared winner over Brock Lesnar at the Greatest Royal Rumble. Reigns says Angle has some problems running RAW, and says he would be a Universal Champion who will defend the Title every Monday of the week on RAW. Kurt starts to speak again, and this time he’s interrupted by Bobby Lashley. Lashley steps in the ring and says he doesn’t think Roman Reigns has what it takes to finish the job against Lesnar. Lashley says he can beat both Brock and Roman, and Lashley and Reigns come face to face. Kurt says Lashley and Reigns will both take part in a multi-person match at Extreme Rules. The Revival comes out to interrupt, and Dash and Dawson challenge Lashley and Reigns to a tag match right now. They say Lashley and Reigns are two of the top singles stars in the world, but together they can’t beat the best tag team in the world. Reigns tells them to shut up and get in the ring, and if Lashley pays attention he might learn something. Kurt calls for a ref, and we have a match.

The Revival vs. Bobby Lashley & Roman Reigns: Reigns and Lashley argue about who will start this one. Reigns and Dawson start this one off, and it’s all Reigns in the opening moments. He tags in Lashley who continues the fight against Dawson. Dawson gets some shots in on Lasley and then tags in Dash. Lashley ends up dropping both Revival members and then hits a big spinebuster on Dash. Lashey goes to tag Roman, but Dawson yanks Reigns off the apron to distract him. Wilder attacks Lashley from behind now and then tags in Dawson for the double team. Lashley comes back with a belly to belly overhead suplex on Dawson, then he tags in Reigns. Reigns cleans house and hits a series of clotheslines on both Revival members. Reigns hangs Dawson over the middle rope and leg drops him on the back of the head down to the mat. Reigns goes for a Superman punch on Wilder, but Dawson intercepts it. Wilder rolls up Reigns, but Reigns gets out and punches him down. Reigns looks for a spear, but Lashley tags himself in and delivers the spear to Wilder himself for the three count.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Roman Reigns

– Lashley smiles at Reigns and leaves the ring after the match.

– Angle and Corbin are backstage talking about Stephanie judging his job. They run into Finn Balor, and Balor says he wants in the multi-person Extreme Rules match. Balor wants his Universal Title back, and Corbin says he doesn’t think he deserves the opportunity. Kevin Owens walks in and agrees with Corbin. The camera backs up and Strowman is standing behind Owens, and Owens runs off. Strowman says he’s here for his buddy Finn, and if Owens and Corbin want to face him a tag match, Strowman is cool with that. Kurt throws his hands up and walks off, and Owens chases after him.

– We take a look at AJ Styles being on the cover of the WWE 2K19 video game.

– No Way Jose is out next with his conga line.

No Way Jose vs. Mojo Rawley: The opening bell sounds and they lock up. Mojo misses a shot and Jose dances away from him. Mojo connects with a shoulder tackle, and Jose answers with one of his own. Jose dumps Mojo outside and then hits a baseball slide kick. Back in the ring, Mojo connects with a shot to the face and then he pummels on Jose on the mat. Jose fights back with a clothesline and a big boot, then a facebuster for a two count. Mojo takes out Jose’s knee, then hits a running elbow to the face. Mojo slams Jose down for the win after a shot match.

Winner: Mojo Rawley

– After the match, Mojo does an interview saying he is going to start bringing more to the table and staying focused, so he can rise to the top of the talent crop in WWE.

– Sasha Banks is walking to the parking lot when Bayley runs up on her. They argue again, and Sasha says she’s done being Bayley’s friend, then Sasha gets in her car and drives off.

– Elias is in the ring for a song about Money In The Bank, Brock Lesnar, and the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view. He finishes by telling the crowd to ask themselves “what would Elias do,” and then he wraps up and leaves.

– We see a replay of Seth Rollins being defeated earlier tonight. Rollins does an interview backstage where he says next week he will be invoking his rematch clause and taking back his Intercontinental Title.

Finn Balor & Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens: Balor and Corbin start this one off. Corbin is wrestling in street clothes. Corbin drops Balor early with an elbow to the face. Corbin beats on Balor some more before tagging in Owens. Owens is still selling several injuries from last night. He drops Balor with an elbow to the face, then he quickly tags Corbin back in. Corbin drops Finn in the corner and stomps a mud hole in him, then he wastes some time talking trash to Braun on the apron. Balor fights back and finally tags in Strowman. Strowman comes in and locks up with Corbin. Strowman throws Corbin into the corner, then delivers a shot to the abdomen. Strowman chases Owens off the apron, and Corbin attacks Strowman from behind. Strowman is stunned, but Corbin wastes some time taunting the crowd, and Strowman comes back with a big boot. Strowman dumps Corbin outside then tags in Balor. Strowman picks up Balor and tosses him out of the ring onto Corbin and Owens on the floor. Back in the ring, Balor gets in some offense on Corbin, until Owens tags himself in and hits a cheap shot on Balor. Owens hits a senton on Balor for a two count. Owens beats on Balor on the mat and hits a backbreaker for another two count. Corbin tags in and continues the offense on Balor. Corbin takes Balor out to ringside and rams him into the fan barricade a couple times. Back in the ring, Balor tries to springboard off the top rope, but Corbin punches him in the face out of mid-air. Balor tries to escape from Corbin and get the tag, but Corbin catches him and hits the Deep Six for a two count. Owens tags back in and misses a senton. Corbin tags back in and drops Balor in the corner. Owens comes back in and stomps a mud hole in Balor in the corner before tagging Corbin back in. Corbin stomps on Balor and taunts Strowman, until Strowman has had enough and he hits the ring. Strowman picks up Balor and throws Balor back into thie corner. Strowman gets on the apron and Balor tags him in. Strowman comes in and drops Balor and covers him. Owens runs in, but stops in his tracks when Braun sees him and Owens retreats. Braun chases Owens out to ringside, and the distraction leads to Corbin hitting a big flying clothesline on Strowman off the apron. Back in the ring, Corbin and Strowman trade blows now. Braun misses a spear in the corner and Finn tags himself in. Balor kicks Corbin in the head and follows up with more strikes. Balor stomps on Corbin and pins, but Owens breaks it up. Strowman runs in and sends Owens outside. Strowman follows OWens out to ringside and rams him through the fan barricade near the timekeper’s area. Corbin looks for a chokeslam on Balor in the ring, but Balor reverses into a DDT. Balor dropkicks Corbin into the corner then goes up top, but Corbin knocks Balor down. Corbin follows up with the End of Days for the three count.

Winners: Baron Corbin & Kevin Owens

– After the match, Michael Cole promotes the Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler rematch next week. Corbin celebrates on the stage as his partner Owens is still down at ringside. Strowman is up to his feet and Balor is still recovering as RAW goes off the air.