Liz Cheney & Trump Cheating Accusation From 2020 Leaks

Liz Cheney rejected the claims by House Speaker Mike Johnson that she considered signing on to an amicus brief. This was about the aspect challenging 2020 election results in battleground states. Johnson had made these claims in Face The Nation, which aired immediately before an interview with Cheney.



Cheney, on the other hand, rejected the claims and gave her own thoughts on it. Johnson had previously claimed, “At one point she even considered signing on to that [amicus brief]. I’ll tell you that is a fact.” Mike Johnson told these things to CBS anchor Margaret Brennan who opened up her interview with Liz Cheney asking the question “Is it a fact, as he asserted that when you were in House leadership, you considered signing on to that challenge to Donald Trump?”

Mediaite reports that Liz had her own input on this and said, “It is not. We were, as Mike said, in constant contact throughout that period. I actually know precisely when he sent me the brief and precisely when less than 30 minutes later, I told him my concerns with the brief. Mike knows that as well. The brief itself was legally and constitutionally infirm. I made that clear.” Brennan then went ahead and noted that in Liz’s recently-released memoir she had claimed that the brief Johnson circulated was written by “Donald Trump’s own lawyers.”

Cheney agreed to this point and said, “Correct. And the other thing is, Johnson — and I made this clear to him too the very first time we spoke after I reviewed the brief — that he was misrepresenting the brief to the members of conference. I also told him that I thought that signing on to this brief for anyone who was a member of a bar raised significant and serious ethical issues, because you were asserting to a court facts that not only were untrue, but which had already been rejected by other courts, and for which you had no basis, no knowledge. So he knows the truth.”

Liz Cheney is a former congresswoman, while Mike Johnson holds the position of the House Speaker. It would be interesting to see if the two would have a conversation about this. The bigger question is whether they will try to confront each other. It could be a way to get the facts out because these claims will only lead to more confusion if the reality is not brought out to the public.

Do you think that Liz Cheney and Mike Johnson should come together and clear the air? Sound off in the comments.

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