Logan Paul Botches Promo On WWE SmackDown

The YouTube sensation Logan Paul apparently did a botch on SmackDown ahead of participating in the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder match. ‘The Maverick’ appeared on WWE SmackDown and he was this week’s guest on The Grayson Waller Effect, along with the former NXT star. However, The Maverick may not have known this.



Logan Paul botched Grayson Waller’s name

While Logan Paul may not have received a warm welcome from the London fans, he got one from Grayson Waller. While discussing what he could do with the Money in the Bank contract if he wins, the YouTuber botched the host’s name by calling him “Grayson Dolin/Dolan.”

There’s a possibility that the YouTuber might have confused him with another fellow influencer with the same name, whom The Maverick had some issues with in the past.

As soon as the YouTuber stepped inside the ring, he addressed the hostile reaction he received from the London crowd. He then stated that he plans on having WWE gold around his waist, which will begin if he wins at Money in the Bank.

Logan went on to list the possible names he could face when he wins the contract. He shared that he could cash in against former rival Seth Rollins, reignite his feud with Roman Reigns, and maybe not even cash in at all and use the briefcase to smack LA Knight with it.

Knight appeared not long after his name was mentioned. The SmackDown star said that everything was handed to Paul, but the crowd still won’t cheer for him. Both men continued their exchange until their fellow MITB competitors, Santos Escobar and Butch, joined in. This led to a Triple Threat bout featuring Knight vs. Escobar vs. Butch.

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