Logan Paul Breaks Character With Brock Lesnar

Logan Paul has been turning heads since he signed with the WWE. Logan is recognised as a social media star by some, and a boxer by others. He has a massive fan following, but what if he is a fan of someone too.



Paul is known for his stints and one of his recent ones got him an opportunity to fight Roman Reigns at WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th. Paul previously feuded with The Miz and the feud ended at SummerSlam with Logan getting the win.

Logan has amassed a following, Paul is a fan of The Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. While speaking to Inside the Ropes Logan talked about how he has had an incredible moment with Mr. Brock Lesnar and he couldn’t control the excitement.

The interaction was brief, but it was a moment to remember for the boxer. Speaking about the interaction, Paul said:

I saw him at SummerSlam, and that one was interesting for me. I’m a big Brock Lesnar fan because I watched UFC growing up religiously. So when I met him for the first time I had to play it cool. I think I said, ‘Hey Mr. Brock Lesnar, nice to meet you,’ and that was it.

It is so cool because you see these WWE superstars on TV your whole life, and then all of a sudden somehow I’m in it, and I’m meeting them in person. You’re meeting superheroes essentially as an adult now. It is really cool.


Brock Lesnar, on the other hand, returned a couple of weeks ago and F5’ed Bobby Lashley leading to the latter losing his United States Championship to Seth Rollins. It set the stage for a Lesnar vs Lashley feud at Crown Jewel.

Paul has a mammoth task ahead of him as he takes on the undefeated WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns for the titles at WWE’s Crown Jewel. It would be interesting to see if this match closes the show or Lashley vs Lesnar is the main event for the Saudi Arabia show.

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