Logan Paul Brutally Attacked With Steel Chair

YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer Logan Paul and, one of the co-host of his ‘Impaulsive’ podcast, Mike Majlak were previously involved in a scuffle. Paul runs the podcast with a couple of close friends who are the co-hosts on the same. Paul recently revealed a horrifying incident he had experienced.



Logan Paul opens up on the incident

‘The Maverick’ revealed that Majlak had thrown a chair at him. He said:

“Guess what, we’ve never, well, we’ve gotten violent. Mike and I’ve gotten violent. He threw a chair at me. He threw a big metal chair at me.”

He added:

“I shot them very hard.”

It was noted that the entire incident took place when Majlak was having a personal time with his then-girlfriend, Lana Rhoades. Paul had unexpectedly appeared with a mic and a camera, which hampered Majlak’s alone time with love.

Majlak would say:

“Unbearded face around the side of the corner while I’m in one of the most intimate moments in my f***ing life doing dirt that I’ve been working on for the past two and a half weeks.”

Logan Paul later added that the room had no doors, and it was connected to the kitchen. Also, ‘The Maverick’ asserted about his actions being ‘invasive’ and Majlak being right in his place.

Citing the 26-year-old’s actions, Majlak was quite furious. He said:

“I rarely get to the vein out red face like that kind of I blacked out, I honestly blacked out. And he, we got into this massive f***ing exchange, and he gave me a very solid sternum level shove”

They certainly had a little physical exchange as Majlak threw a heavy chair on Logan Paul. “Probably an 80-pound chair. It sailed past his head,” Majlak later added.

You can check out the video clip of the whole conversation below:

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