Logan Paul & Carmella Rumors Revealed

Fans are eagerly waiting for the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble Premium Live Event in January. It seems fans might witness Logan Paul once again inside the squared circle.



Logan Paul could return at Royal Rumble

In a breakdown video from Wade Clemons and Faze Sensei, Wade revealed that the YouTube sensation is looking to wrestle in six weeks’ time, which would be the Royal Rumble weekend.

“Fair play, I would do the same thing that other guys don’t and like almost a pay-to-win type thing because Conor has the money to do it and some other guys may not. But that’s the game you play if you’re a superstar and you have that kind of money, the same reason that Logan Paul has talked about. He’s going to get stem cell therapy. We got an update on that. His MCL was the only thing that was torn. He didn’t have a triple tear. He’s going to try to wrestle in six weeks apparently. He’s going to get stem cell stuff and that stuff is great. You have the money to do it, why the f*ck not?.”

Meanwhile, Carmella recently went through a rough patch. The former WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion is married to RAW announcer Corey Graves. The couple were expecting a child but she was unfortunately treated for ectopic pregnancy after a miscarriage back in October.

Carmella had also stressed that it was important for people to share their stories and not be ashamed of their misfortune.From the moment Carmella shared the news on social media, several fans and wrestlers sent their supportive comments to the couple. The likes of Alexa Bliss, Nikki Bella, Maryse, Bianca Belair, Big E, Mandy Rose, and a number of other wrestling stars poured in with support. In a post on Instagram recently, Carmella thanked everyone for their love through the tough times.

Here’s what the post read:

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Your love and support has meant the absolute most to me. This fall has been one of the most challenging in my life, but I know I’m not alone.”

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