Logan Paul ‘Disturbing’ Floyd Mayweather Bet Leaks

The YouTuber-turned boxer, Logan Paul is set to clash against the undefeated boxing star Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition bout tonight.



Despite of being an exhibition bout, the fans have highly anticipated the clash, while both Paul and Mayweather are working extremely hard on their skills, and one will try to knock the other out. CM Punk ‘Attacked’ By A-List Actor In Bed

BetOnline has created a bet where gamblers can put money on where undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather will make Logan Paul bleed from.

Which part of Logan Paul will bleed first?

Lip/mouth: +175

Eye/socket/brow: +200

Nose: +250

Cheek: +450

Any other area on head/neck: +500

Anywhere below neck: +500

Ear: +500

Rumors stated that Logan Paul’s brother, Jake Paul was recently kicked out of a party Floyd Mayweather Jr. was having.

A video clip has been floating on social media about Jake Paul possibly getting kicked out of Floyd Mayweather’s party. This video had drawn attention of the fans but Jake Paul denied getting kicked out of the party.

He took to his Twitter account and he addressed the video that has been circulating.

He wrote:

“media so thirsty these days

it wasn’t a Floyd party it was an OVO party that I left from on my own

OVO my brothers”

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