Logan Paul Forces WWE Star To Quit?

Logan Paul and his brother Jake Paul are known bullies both in and out of fighting. In fact, I’m really not sure how many times the two have been canceled on separate occasions. I digress; if the Paul brothers aren’t playing mind games, then they just aren’t in it. Logan hasn’t stopped playing mind games and now it looks like he has forced the hand of a superstar….Vince McMahon Drops Sad Becky Lynch Bombshell.



Baron Corbin is at the end of his career as he stated during an interview at SummerSlam. The once ‘King’ Corbin, now looks nothing more than a measly peasant as he trotted out of the arena with stains on his shirt and tears in his eyes. As Corbin was in mid-interview, Big E showed up and the attention was directed to him.

As Big E celebrated and walked off, Logan Paul came in the shot as he stated how much he enjoyed the night at SummerSlam. As Paul spoke, Corbin waltzed over and asked “Why are you talking to him? You were just interviewing me and now…”

Paul then looked at Corbin, pulled his shades down and stated: “Maybe because you’re an a*****e.” We then faded out as Corbin looked ready to have a breakdown.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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