Logan Paul ‘Humiliates’ Tito Ortiz In Video

The YouTuber-turned-pro-boxer has been grabbing headlines recently with his performance inside the boxing ring as well as his antics on social media. He has been witnessed calling out many fighters in the past. He recently fought an eight-round exhibition match against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather to a draw.



Logan Paul has some strong words for Vitor Belfort and Tito Ortiz

Paul joined True Geordie YouTube channel and at one point they were seen watching the moment from Anderson Silva’s win against Vitor Belfort as ‘The Spider’ knocked out Belfort. Paul was asked about his next opponent. He went on to say that he is a ‘fighter’. He was asked if he is Anderson Silva to which Paul denied.  Evander Holyfield Getting Fired By Triller?

Paul said that Anderson Silva is ‘kinda leading the charge’ but he went on to call Belfort ‘s**t’. The YouTube sensation that recalled that Belfort called out Logan’s brother Jake Paul for $25 million. In addition, Paul would also state that Tito Ortiz, who was knocked out by Silva looked ‘s**t’ during last week’s Triller Fight Club event as well.

Belfort had previously claimed that he would be able to fight the Paul brothers on the same night and beat them both. He had said:

“These guys can not box,” Belfort said. “You put these two brothers, I’ll fight the the same night. I’ll put them out. It’s just a fact.” He can not survive against a real striker,” continued Belfort. “It’s like putting a great football team to play a high school team. It’s not fair… I’d fight him and his brother in the same night.”

You can check out the full video clip below:

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